ill be less active as of tomorrow

  • OH HEY I’ll be tabling at Phoenix Comic Con this weekend! Table AA323 :O!!! I’ll have prints, commissions, stickers, books, copies of Over The Garden Wall, and a very limited number of keychains and pencil bags
  • I’m also leaving LA tomorrow to go spend the rest of the year in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. I love LA and the odds are good Ill end up back here, but Im gonna go be a hermit for a while and get lots of work done.
  • I MISS BEING ON TuMBLR AND SEEING ALL OF YOU DARLING CUPCAKES but I‘ve been trying really hard to focus on being more productive. Hopefully once I’m in the cabin Ill have less distractions over all and can be more social online again.
  • (Though to be fair I’m sill pretty dang active on twitter at @ohcararara)
  • ANYWAY, I hope you guys have been reading/enjoying Over The Garden Wall! It’s been an absolute joy to work on and I get more excited with each new script I get *_* YOU GUYS, IT’S SO GOOD.