ill be happier if i get a cat


hi! i’m jack, and summer is coming up soon. if you don’t know me or anything like that, i’ve been having a lot of problems deciding who i am lately. it really sucks and so i decided im gonna try out stuff myself. since i wont be in school it’ll be the perfect time for me to get the money to try out things without interference since it’ll be my money, and i think i’ll be a lot happier after i do get things sorted out with myself. so im willing to draw you stuff!!! also, if you cant buy anything, if you can it’d be super neat if you could signal boost a little!

at the moment, i am only going to draw feral dog characters or something very similar, since im most comfortable with that. if you have a feral cat character that you would like in a pixel, send me a ref and ill probably consider it, but i dont want to do anything that doesnt have fox-like, dog-like or wolf-like anatomy right now unless it is a pixel! 

i will draw blood, guts, gore to the max, loss of limbs, beheading or headless animals, vomit, spit, scars, wounds, but im not doing anything sexual or anthro right now 

if any of the things above interest you, please contact me at (also the email connected to my paypal) because tumblr has ruined a lot of commissions for me and i dont trust it not to eat every other message, so yeah! i appreciate everything i get, and i’ll work my hardest to please you!!