ill be getting more

you promised to put out a new fic chapter today but your brain seems to be working against you ? totally cool, i understand !

you said you were gonna answer some asks but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed ? no worries, we can wait !

you decided you were going to post some art today but you’re just too busy to finish it ? all good, there’s always tomorrow !

give yourself a break sometimes. work at your own pace. congratulate yourself for any amount of progress.

creating content is hard, okay.

you’re already doing wonderfully. no pressure. you got this.

Support Small Art YouTube Channels!

Please look into these YouTube channels! With the way YT is constantly switching its algorithm’s around, its harder and harder for art related channels to get noticed so please support them if you can! (If you are a smaller channel that has something to do with The Arts, please feel free to message me and I will add you!)


Singing/Voice Acting/Acting

i genuinely don’t think i have the motivation to finish this but here it is i guess

also don’t reupload this unless u want to get ur balls cut off

max references

max + light 

max + dark 

i made these for personal use but i thought other cc artists might find them useful too 😭

If only it was that easy, Susan…



BTS Pantones: Sailor Moon 🌙

“mothman is bullshit”

fuck him up, bobert

[[available as a sticker and other stuff hither]]


                                                               "merry christmas”