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“It’s time, Rinea. Come with me. We’ll hold our wedding atop his funeral!”

i hate that on social media, your username is still the nickname i gave you.
the one i made up
that you said made no sense but used anyways
that your friends began to recognize, too
i hate that you got a t-shirt with it on the back
and whenever i see you wearing it it’s like a punch to the gut

i hate that our mutual friends had to choose between us
and i hate that most of them chose you

i hate that you don’t acknowledge that anything’s changed
that it’s almost spring but we won’t go on our usual walks this year
i hate that it doesn’t bother you

i hate that i bought your birthday gifts but they arrived too late for your birthday
and once they finally got here, i forgot them at home
and didn’t manage to get them to you
and it was only a week after you stopped talking to me that i finally remembered them
i hate that they still sit there on my desk
so fucking painfully hopeful
i hate that i don’t either throw them out or give them to you
as if i can pretend that everything’s still the same
and i’ll write a nice card and hand them to you in a couple days

i hate that sometimes i forget we don’t talk anymore
and i will catch myself mid-movement or mid-word
and i have to cut it off with a jerk.
i hate that i try to forget the taste of your name
and i hate that i can pretend that my mind will forget you
but i know my body never will
i hate that i have to remember and feel the pain all over again
fresh, like it’s new
again and again and again

i hate a lot of things about our breakup
so many goddamn things
but the only thing i can’t manage to hate
despite how much i try

is you.

—  HATE // H.S.

(If you saw Springle’s stream from a couple days ago, you’d understand lmao)    Many brain cells were lost in the making of this. Rip brain cells. I blame @springledongle  for this bullshit coming to be, but what glorious bullshit it is.      I had to draw @foxygogogo too, since their Fun Foxy fits this perfectly to me, but that might just be me. Idfk lol. (This is based off the vine at 7:34)

Day 27+28

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1. that hunk picture is so fantastic. the shading? the physicality and sense of gravity in his posture?? amazing! 2. if you're still cool with requests, may i ask for a slav?

alkjsdfaksjd omg thank youuu ur too kind!

one slav for you sweet person!

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as it's valentine's day - what do you think anakin and obi-wan would be doing?

Enjoy, (or “enjoy”/”I’m sorry my blog is like this sometimes” as the case may be): 

Anakin: [text] what is this that u left on the table for me
Obi-Wan: Happy Valentine’s Day!
Anakin: u got me socks
Anakin: for valentines day
Obi-Wan: Yes, I’d noticed that yours were all in terrible shape. 😉
Anakin: socks
Obi-Wan: I know I should have waited until I got home to give them to you but I just couldn’t.
Anakin: socks
Obi-Wan: Anakin are you all right?
Anakin: i just…i cant believe u got me socks
Obi-Wan: You’re welcome! 😘 I ordered them months ago.
Anakin: oh
Obi-Wan: I know how you’re always cold and all. These are the extra-insulated kind.
Anakin: i do hate the cold
Obi-Wan: I hope you like them
Obi-Wan: Anakin?
Anakin: i love them
Anakin: u r the best
Obi-Wan: Oh good! A few people told me it wasn’t a good gift so I admit I was a little worried. 
Anakin: no i mean who wouldnt want new socks for valentines day
: 😊
Anakin: and u like what i got u right??
Obi-Wan: Ah, yes, the complete seventh season of Dragons and Droids that you’ve been wanting to buy
Anakin: yeah this way you can actually see the finale since u slept thru it last time
Obi-Wan: Yes, that will be a treat. We can watch it tonight.
Anakin: ill wear my new socks 😘

[it’s the thought that counts…right? I feel like this is going to come back to haunt both of them someday when they’re arguing and “OH SURE, THIS FROM THE MAN WHO BOUGHT ME SOCKS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY!” “Well at least I didn’t buy MYSELF a gift and pretend it was for you!” gets thrown out there but we’ll let them be happy for now]

my mum and i are in this band/music group on fb and someone asked if anyone had seen any ‘noteworthy’ bands and my mum just dominated all of them with Nirvana, the Ramones (twice and meeting joey ramone), prince, radioheads first ever tour in aus and muses first ever tour and I don’t have any bands like that fksksjsos


just some stupid doodles

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Could you do some random Lukas and Python headcanons? :D On a side note: this blog is my life rn and you're all saints for running it. I adore your headcanons. <3

Random Lukas and Python headcanons:

Thirsty Note: Ahhh thanks so much! I’m super glad you enjoy what I do! I cannot express my thanks enough oh gods <3 I hope you enjoy these headcanons! 


  • Lukas really likes when things are organized. He likes to know where things are supposed to go and where they are when he needs them. Seeing a messy area makes him pretty uncomfortable and he just gets the urge to clean it up. A true housewife.
  • From my domestic headcanons (but it needs to be said again) Lukas loves vanilla scented candles.
  • Lukas can actually be pretty lazy sometimes. When he settles down after a long day of training, it’s nearly impossible to get him back up. He’ll only get back up if something major happens, otherwise he doesn’t care. He gives training his all so he is completely beat and can’t be bothered to put in any more effort.
  • Lukas has the cutest little sneeze ever. It’s really soft and quiet and he secretly hates it but everyone loves it.
  • Lukas gets really uncomfortable when a lot of attention is put on him. He prefers to remain on the sidelines, as the silent observer rather than the center of attention. When others are all over him he gets nervous and starts to fidget a lot. One of his biggest tell-tale signs of him being uncomfortable is when he starts to rub his hands together behind his back. It’s his nervous little habit that he tries to hide, but everyone can notice it.
  • Lukas rarely gets sick. He has an amazing immune system, and while others are fighting cold after cold, momma Lukas is there to help them through it. On the very rare occasion he does contract some sort of illness, it hits him hard and he’s down for the count for a few days. Of course, the others will do their part to care for him as he always did for them when they were ill (even though he’s adamant he’s fine).
  • Lukas can be the most stubborn person in the army. When he wants to get his way, he will get his way. He won’t argue, he won’t complain, he just gives you a cold stare until you crack and let him win. When it comes to him lecturing young recruits he will not listen to any excuses. He is too stubborn to let their laziness slide, and that makes him one of the best trainers in the army.
  • No one ever wants to anger Lukas. It is extremely difficult to get him angry to a point where he raises his voice, but when he does no one is the same. It is so out of his character and just terrifying that everyone does their best to keep Lukas calm and happy because no one ever wants to witness his anger again.


  • Python has a really surprising soft side. When he lets his guard down, he has no bark or bite and is actually an extremely sweet person to be around. He likes to laugh and have a good time, but that side of him is reserved for people he really trusts and cares for.
  • Python has a really cute laugh. He’s normally all dead pan or just little snickers here and there but when someone really gets him going and laughing it’s just the sweetest sound. It’s not soft but it’s not overly loud or obnoxious, it’s just a really sweet sound that is rare to hear.
  • Python has a mild case of insomnia. Sometimes it’s really difficult for him to fall asleep at night so he wanders around the camp and just takes in the quietness of it all. He really uses this time to destress from the battles that have been wearing him down and then he eventually calms himself down enough to get to sleep.
  • Python doesn’t like bugs. He isn’t afraid of them or anything, he just thinks they’re gross and freaks when one is on him. He makes sure it gets off him as quick as he can and then he’s outta there.
  • Python’s always the one who just minds his own business and then somehow gets sucked into some sort of shenanigans. He can be minding his own business and suddenly Lutheir and Delthea will come out of nowhere and use him as a mediator to their argument, or Mathilda and Clive will stop by and chat his ear off. He never wants to be involved, but they suck him into it faster than he can leave.
  • Python takes a lot of time to reflect on things. While he doesn’t seem to care much, he’s actually very attentive and can take things seriously when he needs to. Late at night is when he typically does most of this reflection and thinking.
  • Python gets really pissed off when someone insults his aim and he will go to the ends of the earth to try and prove them wrong. (This is just Forsyth trying to make him work harder, but he doesn’t know that and falls for it every time).

Requested by Anon - 32 prompts countdown? ok… please elijah mikaelson x reader with prompt 9. “So help me god if you don’t stay in bed I will tie you to it!” “Kinky”
Prompts – 9 – ‘So help me god if you don’t stay in the bed I will tie you to it!’ ‘Kinky.’

Word Count – 312

Characters – Elijah x reader.

You had been ill for a couple of days and Elijah being Elijah had demanded you to bed rest and stated that he was going to look after you. You were feeling better now, but he still wasn’t listening to you so you had to take it into your own hands. You sat on the edge of your bed, stretching your arms above your head. You stood up and walked to the door and opened it. Only to be flung back onto the bed. You saw Elijah standing beside you.
‘Will you stay in bed.’
‘But I feel fine Elijah.’ You told him and he turned, while his back was to you, you quickly stood and tried to run but you were pinned down.
‘So help me god if you don’t stay in bed I will tie you to it.’ Elijah said as he straddled your hips.
‘Kinky.’ You said to him as you leant up and captured his lips and brung him down to your height. He groaned and your plan had worked. With a sudden burst of energy, you flipped him over. Ran out the room and made it half way down the stairs before you felt the grip around your waist. You were upside down looking at Elijah’s bum, which you weren’t complaining about.
‘I told you. If you didn’t stay in bed I was going to tie you to it.’ He said as he placed you gently on the bed grabbed some type of material and wrapping it around your wrists and the bed posts.
‘But I am fine Elijah.’ You told him for the second time.
‘No, you’re not, it’s a false illusion.’ He said, tying the final knot.
‘Sure, you just want to look after me.’ You said and watched as his figure walked out the door.
‘Stay.’ He said as he draws the door over.