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I'm suuuuper sick rn so I'm curious how would the fallout 4 companions react to sole getting sick? I'm sure there's some new viruses in the new world they're not used to.

I hope you feel better soon!!!

Cait: She didn’t know what she was doing and she didn’t hide it. She made them tea once, but actually it was just warm water with literal grass in it. Every time Sole tried to instruct her, she just yelled overtop of them, “I KNOW I KNOW.” 

Curie: She was ON it. She’s has the medical knowhow for most illnesses, so Sole getting sick was no problem. Even though she knew she could take care of them, she still stayed with them at all times with a worried look on her face. 

Codsworth: He’s no stranger to human illnesses. He had taken care of Sole back before the war while they were sick, so this time should be no different. He didn’t realize that illnesses could change too. When Sole didn’t get better quickly, he worried a lot, and had to ask around on what to do. 

Danse: When Sole got sick, you could see the panic on Danse’s face. He never had to deal with sick people, because they just stayed back on the prydwen. He treated them as gentle as he could, and constantly asked if they were alright with what he was doing. 

Deacon: “Don’t worry, IIIIIIII got this.” Deacon acted confident that he could take care of them but failed miserably. Accidentally spilled soup on them, he just kept saying, “it’s fine,” while he cleaned them up. In the end Sole had to yell at him how to actually take care of a sick person. 

Dogmeat: He doesn’t know what to do! Laid next to them until they felt better. 

Gage: He didn’t really worry about them, he knew that they were strong enough to get through it. That doesn’t mean he didn’t do some things to take care of them. When they were asleep, he’d adjust the blankets on top of them, and would sometimes leave food next to them for when they woke up. He got embarrassed when Sole called him out on it. 

Hancock: As soon as Sole started feeling ill, he worried immediately. He wasn’t sure if it could have been radiation poisoning, so he did his best to take care of them. Their symptoms didn’t look like radiation, so he was relieved. Stayed by their side the entire time. 

MacCready: “Okay okay don’t worry, I remember some stuff from when I was a kid….” MacCready checked their temperature by putting his hand on their forehead. “Yep, that’s a fever alright,” he sat down next to them and paused. “So what now…?” He didn’t actually know anything about how to cure ill people, but he did his best. 

Nick: “Hmmmmmm..” Nick gave them a puzzled look. All Sole could do was look up at him, they couldn’t even breathe through their nose at this point. “Hoooow about this,” Nick’s method of trying to help them was really just trial and error. 

Piper: Nervous as heck. She ran around in a panic looking for something to assuage their pain. Sole kept telling her to calm down but she just replied with, “but just LOOK AT YOU.” Eventually she tired herself out from running around, and fell asleep next to them. Piper ended up getting sick too. 

Preston: Preston was a mom. He knew exactly how to take care of them. Whenever Sole tried to get up and do something, he’d tell them to stop and rest. Probably brought them soup with an apron on. 

Strong: “Weak human should rest. Strong look after you.” By ‘look after’ he meant, make sure nothing killed them. 

X6-88: He knew the basics of how to cure human illnesses. He acted calmly but was secretly a little worried about them. They looked awful and it made him feel bad to see them like that. 

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What was your dream job? What's your favorite color ? do you have/want pets?

my dream job changed a lot when i was young but the one i stil rly rly wanna do is be a published, accomplished author. i…..have written some Popular Fanfics in the past and like?? i wrote for years and i was rly rly good like people praised me on it like no bullshit they thought i was??? good??? and i thought i was rly good and it made me feel super super good about myself but


when Ye Olde FP left me 2 years ago i got in a spiral, and i…gave up on everything? i couldn’t bring myself to write, and i still cant. granted, i write every once in a while still?? i have so so many ideas that i never act on….i sort of feel like ive let myself down….hopefully one day ill get back to it…

my favorite color is?? god i dont know it’s a tie b/w pink, teal, and black. i love those colors so much?

i have 3 pets: a dog, a cat, and a Special Hedgehog Boy. his name is jojo and hes albino and hes very pokey but he loves me and i love him

in the future i want a greyhound when i live with my gf and i want So Many frogs. So Many………..

Hey Everyone! I’ve been really inactive recently, more specifically for the past month. I used to post once every 2-3 days so I have slowed down a bit, I have been really unmotivated and havent cosplayed in a while. I am getting my life back together and I have a ton of drafts I will start posting and hopefully get my activity back up, I even plan on cosplaying this upcoming weekend, and Ive gotten into making Cosplay Music Videos so I will link them eventually when they are posted, Until then, have this picture of me living the cubical life!

-Jack (Kkmkingdom)


Considering Ill be leaving for vacation this afternoon, I just wanted to make this follow forever in celebration of making 400 followers :)

Well other than the obvious, The Bollywood Fandom is full of so many wonderful people. People who you will become so accustomed to seeing on your dash every day, or some who you will be happy to see every once in while. I made this blog during a very rough time in my life, which caused me to leave my dream school and have to come back home. It was a hard couple months considering I had to sit and watch alot of my friends continue on with college while I stayed home just healing. Thankfully having a supporting family, Im able to live day by day as if those few months in the fall never happened. Most importanly this blog kept me always using my head. I wouldnt sleep sometimes waiting for something to upload so I can Gif-it, we all have that photoshop fever sometimes. I spent so many hours on here looking at how amazing editors this fandom is full of. Ps envy is definatly the word to describe it. Although it may not seem obvious, this fandom has become part of my life. Ive made some really nice friends here, that I hope to keep forever. 

Thank you all who have followed and those who encouraged me with kind messages. I owe you all the world, because of you all I never lost hope in myself (kinda corny, dont care). Thank you

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Raistlin had been dragged out to a signing for the first time in two years since he had worked his ass off to fix Caramon’s little problem. For the most part, passing out on live TV had done the trick. Attention of his fame had shifted mostly back to him (almost to his dismay. If it had been anyone else, he’d have just let it happen). Of course, Caramon still got a lot of unwelcome attention about the whole thing, but Raistlin couldn’t fix all the world’s ills. 

Every now and then a fan would mention it while he was signing their book, between telling him awkward spellings of names and how they were his biggest fan and the guy in front of them had been lying about that. More than once he pretended to be talking to Dalamar, mostly saying wildly inappropriate and embarrassing things. One girl was saying how much she’d readily suck his dick when he suddenly said loudly enough for half of the line to hear “Hey Dalamar, didn’t you suck your boss’s dick to get into this job?” as if it were just a conversation starter. When the girl left, Raistlin gave a smile to his editor that showed he was obviously enjoying his newly found game.

There’s so much doubt and guilt and confusion that comes with having a mental illness. You have a few good hours or a few good days and you think oh no, oh my God, I’m not actually sick, I’ve been imagining this the whole time, I’m a horrible person. 

And then the rushing wave of shame crashes over you - shame that you’ve been inconveniencing everyone in your life for something that, in this moment, doesn’t even feel real - and knocks you back into a cycle of pain and confusion.

I have to remind myself that this is an illness. Just because your nose spray kicked in and you can breathe for a while doesn’t mean you don’t have a cold. And in weeks like this, when I can’t stop sleeping and my entire body feels like I’ve run a hundred marathons, I’m reminded that it’s because I’m sick and my whole body and mind are fighting it, every minute. It’s exhausting because it’s real.