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if nina taught baby sonny to read, what did vanessa teach him? or carla?

vanessa taught him the ancient art of the grumps

theyre a force to be reckoned with now 


I feel like I should be very concerned that:
1) almost all the requests ive received thus far asked for Lance in one way or another

Langst for @tobi-yo (dont u winky face me bOI I C WAT U DOIN YALL TRYNA BREAK MY HEART I C) and Anon :””””””””””””””)
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Oh my GOD! I was staring at the post about Benny thinking Sonny was magic and just thought...what if Sonny WAS magic? Or had some kind of superpowers and Usnavi and the barrio have to protect him from the government or something?? (Sorry, my AU mind is going crazy again... XP )

tbh if lil sonny was magic he’d exclusively use his powers for one thing 

well that and messing with benny

Zoibat aka Fruit Zubat

 Pokedex entries:

Living in jungles and warm rain forest places they use their soft bone fangs to bite in fruits to drink their juice

Being in sun a lot some of them have developed small freckles along their cheeks and ears

Height : 0′’7′ ( 20 cm)

Ability: Inner Focus/ Frisk

Gender ratio: 50% / 50%

Its shiny form transforms its sky blue fur into green one better for hiding from predators  

Being very small people use this pokemon to be their service pokemon or help others at hospital . They are very social bats and chooses their mate for life time . If you wish to get one its much better to get 2 instead of one. They have a sweet tooth and you must careful with buying fruits you can ether peel the skin off some hard shell fruits or buy them soft skin fruits like peaches. Their ears are very sensitive on loud noises and can scare them .

Extra art:



So i created a new species thank you all for suggesting a pokemon to fuse him with . I might even make a bab QoQ Bcs they are so cute))

Edit: Oh woops this is a open species too!

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Idk if you know about it but theres's a cut song from ITH's workshop called Hear Me Out, and in it, Benny says that when he was ten years old, he rocked corn rows, and now I just can't get the cute image of a small Benny with cornrows out of my head.

i cant believe i forgot this!!!!!!! thank you for reminding me,, these lil bennys can be your reward

her  hood  is  on,  a  hand  wrapped  tightly  around  the  handle  of  her  sword  that  was  sitting  nicely  in  its  sheath,  eyes  darting  around  her  surroundings,  studying  them  intently.  it  was  nothing  like  she  had  ever  seen  before.  though  the  technology,  the  outfits…  they  reminded  her  all  too  much  of  the  mountain  men  and  skaikru.  that  alone  meant  this  situation  wasn’t  a  good  one.  without  azgeda,  without  a  familiar  setting,  and  being  obviously  out  numbered,  panic  set  in,  though  she  definitely  wasn’t  showing  it.  ‘ you. ’  she  drew  her  sword,  pointing  it  at  the  closest  person.  ‘ what  is  this? ’  the  place,  she  means.  ‘ where  are  we? ’  not  exactly  where  she  was  expecting  to  end  up  after  being  kicked  out  from  her  clan.


this is all I could get done on my stupid phone,more drawings will come out if I can get a program on my new program though so if anyone knows some good drawing programs for chromebook please tell me,i love traditional art and all but I wanna get my art to a point where i can start taking commissions

Anywaysss this is my new skelesona,Taeberry!
i couldnt decide which one I liked better so heres both of them

I like flirtatious Inigo but I like flustered Inigo even more.

Running Out of Time

Prompt: I can take care of myself with Barry. I went ahead and chose the CW Flash.
Note: I had this written even before it was requested, for a friend.

You snapped in surprise as you saw a dark figure landing in front of you. You tried to kick, you tried to punch but the figure kept blocking you, until it hit you. Barbara had informed you about your stay in Gotham.

Don’t get surprised if you meet him

As you stood still, recalling the exact moment and trying to get together the shit that had been going on that night, you felt your hand being pulled behind your back, pain bringing you back to reality.

“Don’t break it please” you hissed, with a pleading tone.
The figure let you hand rest freely in it’s place and finally made it’s way to confront you. “You’re coming with me! ”
Just the moment you saw his face you lost your control. Your jaw fell to the ground and you looked at him with a face of amusement.
“You’re friggin Batman” you screamed, something you were sure Felicity would do if she was in your shoes right now. An instant rush came through you and you started to smile like a fool, remembering your exact words to her.

‘Man…if I ever meet Batman…I’ll go crazy.“
‘You admire him so much?” Felicity called.
“You don’t even have to ask Gooooood… I love his work.”
Felicity looked at you in disbelief. “(Y/n), promise me you won’t get involved into the vigilante life.
“But it’s exciting ”
“Dying isn’t exciting believe me…”

And now here you were, the Dark Knight in front you, you smiling like an idiot, and you just remembered how you should have followed Felicity’s advise and never do the whole vigilante thing. What if Batman wanted you out of his teritory, or what if he knew your secret identity. Would he find Oliver’s too? Laurel’s?

“I need you to be to Keystone by tomorrow afternoon”
Hearing the words you fell from the clouds.
“Come again?” How could he order you?

“ I’m not repeating it. You will grow bonds with Flash and give me a report about him every day”
Your eyes widened and you felt your eyebrows raise inside your purple domino mask.
“Since when do I follow your orders? I just met you!”
He had turned his back to you before you talked. You quickly made your way to him, as he was rather fast for walking slow. YOU placed your hand on his back and once he snapped it you were thrown to the ground so fast you did not have time to comprehend what was happening.
“This is my city. You’ll do as I say.” He let you get up and swipe some dust away from your black clothed feet.
For a reason you wanted to obey him. He seemed to get what he wanted; he was way too scary for you to say no. Maybe that was why bad guys listened to him. Plus, it would be really helpful if you were a vigilante with a good reputation, not like Red Hood…

“Fine.” You muttered. “Oracle will give you the exact identities and your supposed job.”
“Uhm.. Mister Batman… will I have to… y'know tell them about my secret identity?”
“You will do everything needed to give me the I formation I need.”

You moved your head around as to get familiar with your surroundings. Central City looked a lot like Keystone
“They’re called twin towns for a reason dumpass.” You thought.
You signaled at a passing taxi to get you to your destination.
21 High Street.
With your arrival, you set your suitcases down and unlocked the door to the apartment. As expected, Barbara had the rooms filled with furniture to your liking, similar to your apartment in Gotham. There was a big frame window and a couch facing a television that stood in the right corner of the room, then next to the living room laid the kitchen; a shiny creamy colored kitchen with a table for at least two people in the middle. Finally there was a small hall that led to the bathroom and your bedroom.
You laid on the couch at once; the exhaustion of a one night speed trip from Gotham to Keystone then Central City had worn you out so much that your eyes blurred instantly.

You walked though they glass doors of CCPD department, taking small, slow steps you headed to the chief.

You didn’t know how, but it happened in a flash. You fell butt-down on the floor; your image looked horrid; papers and files we’re spread on the groung, on you, even on the one you had (literally)crushed into.
“I-i’m sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going and” you were taken aback by the person in front of you.
Sure coming to central city to meet Barry Allen was the key to your mission, but you didn’t expect to meet him so easily…
“Hello…. you’re in there?” Barry said as he tapped lightly on your forehead. You shook your head so you could come back to reality and fell right into the mission.
“Yeah..yeah… I’m okay… sorry I stopped listening to you… ” you gave a cheeky smile to him.
“Anyway” he smiled back as he got up.“My name is Barry Allen and I’m… ”
“A crimeologist… I know… I’m (y/n), I was sent here by Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne…”
“Bruce Wayne?” Barry’s eyes widened at the name. “What is your connection with him?”
“I know you seem amazed.” You stopped for a bit and took his offering hand to get up. Wiping some dirt of your skirt and blouse you went on.
“I just graduated academy the Police academy , and I thought Gotham just wasn’t for me… Central city is…calmer…” you smiled nervously.
“Oh, believe me it’s not…” Barry mumbled before going down to pick up your papers and files….
“oh.. Mr Allen.. you don’t have to… really…” you bent, and he raised his head a little for his eyes to meet yours.. “just call me Barry Ok?”

After he gave you your files you frankly greeted him and headed to the chief.
Everything went according to plan. ~×~

You laid on your couch in your dark blue bath robe. Lately laying on that particular cream sofa had become your favorite alternate activity.
You’d lay there to think, to read, to watch TV. Everyone of your new friends had sat on that couch, which made it somehow special, everytime you sat.
Tonight though, you felt nothing.
You really wondered whether agreeing to do that mission was right, ethic…

But was there really a time in our lifes we are actually being ethic?

The doorbell rang, signaling you didn’t have more time to think. You got up and headed to the door,putting on a fake smile for the one who was behind that door.

“Baaary! ” you said in joy.
Barry came in, after he kissed gently on your cheek.
“Sit down” you said. “I’m going to change Ok?”
“Yeah…” Barry smirked absorbing your image from head to toe.“take your time.”
It wasn’t fair. Barry had asked you on a date again. He had been doing so since he met you. Not to mention, you would always say yes, You could see, how Barry was looking at you and you could sense the was you looked at him.
It was mutual.

“I’m back!” You announced as you entered your small living room. Barry, once again stared at you like a fool.
You wore a simple red dress with black high heels. Simple, but it still left him knocked out.

“Well you like veggies? ” Barry burst.
“I was thinking we could go to a restaurant for vegeterians… y'know.. try something different..”
“Like when we went to that basketball class?” You went out, to close your apartment door, followed by Barry. He stood behind your back waiting for you to turn around, so he could kiss you suddenly.

“I love basketball” he said in a darker tone of his voice
“ I hate it . Deeply.” You turned your back so you we’re facing him: you didn’t expect him to be so close , neither to eliminate the distance in such way as he did.
His lips stayed for long on yours, while his hands rested on the small of your back.
Barry stopped, only to start kissing you across your jaw line and neck, though you pushed him back.
“Nononono…. Barry stop… we have a date..”

So we’ll disturb the neighbors in a place to freeze ..

You were cut off by Zayn Malik’s voice, signaling that your phone was ringing.
Once you saw the caller your eyes widened both in horror and realisation of what was coming on you.

Not now goddammit. Not now.
You turned your head to Barry, who stood frozen on the spot.

“I gotta get this one Barry ”
Barry nodded.

“Hey bab. Ill be coming over Gotham City tonight, care if I pass by?”
“Guy…. you can’t… I’m not..”
“So you’re on your way…”
“ anyway.. whatever. I was thinking I could come over we could talk, eat, drink wine…maybe…”
“Nooo. Guy stop it.
"C'mon (y/n)! I still love you and you know you still love me.”
“Guy.. it’s not the right time right now..”
“Don’t tell me your banging another guy!”
Barry looked at you in surprise and started to talk, though you ignored him.
"Guy” you pleaded. “Guy, once I’m back in Gotham we can talk, k?” You closed the phone not caring about Guy’s voices and stuff and turned to Barry with a smile.
“My brother, Barry, he’s one hell of an asshole. And veeery stubborn.”

“Oh, he wants you back in Gotham?”
You took a moment to reply as you were thinking about the sacrifices you made for this mission. Sure, Guy was all about muscles, but he was a good man, who had been through a lot. His father harassed him when he was young, and would only be nice to his older brother. Guy had worked his way to the top and you’d didn’t want to abandon such a person. He was just stubborn because so was life.

The reason though that made you go distant from him was that he had taken away two years of your life. Without him even knowing.
You and Guy got together once you first started college. You had classes together and even hanged out, until you decided to go out with him. To cut a long story short; You two dated for a good, nice year, until you realised you pregnant. Not wanting to kill the child, you dropped off college and went to Gotham, so you could give birth and leave the kid to your sister



While the Guy matter took most of your concentration off Barry’s words, you actually enjoyed hearing him talk about all his problems, the concerns of The Flash. You could at least remember that night as the happiest one with him, before Cisco found out about your identity (you still didn’t know how he had figured it out) including your civilian life back in Gotham and Star city, as well for your daughter and Guy.
    You reported to Batman, who had nodded in understanding, comforting you to go back in Gotham and help you settle down with an actual life of your own. You agreed, of course, and packed your things eagerly to go back to your little daughter as soon as you could.

   Although luck didn’t seem to get to you, as the same night Zoom had snatched you, locked you in a room and send footage if your tied up and beaten form to the Flash team.
   You knew you were going to die, so you held nothing back from trying to emotionally hurt the black clothed son of a bitch.   “Why do you think you got anything to take away from me Zoom?”

“I don’t have something to take from you. But from him. ”

“Oh, please Zolomon you gotta hit me harder than that. My mission thrashed my heart, I don’t feel pain Hunter. I don’t. So go ahead. Kill me. But it won’t be Barry who will hunt you down. Batman will put your brains in your ass..”
Hunter’s eyes widened at your reference.
“What? You got him in your earth too?” You got cocky.
“in my earth Batman is man who’s wife was killed, he was paralyzed by the Joker, his kid he has given away. And he’s not even the only one. Batmen are going around eliminating people like me.”

Your lips formed a cocky grin. Of course hunter was afraid of Batman. You’d play fear’s little game until anyone from the batfamily was there. Though, they wouldn’t. Barry wouldn’t save you either he wouldn’t. That’s why you had activated your communication with Batman. He’d hear everything. all he needed to know from the start. then your mission would be over. You’d be dead. And Batman wouldn’t take revenge. Just like he did for the second Robin. You hoped that Talia Al Ghoul would throw you in the lazarous pit. But it wouldn’t happen. You were never a member of any vigilante family.

“You don’t want earth 1’s Batman to hunt you then. He much worse than any Batman you encountered in your past.”
You closed your eyes as Zoom hit you with his speed once again. .oh how you wished you were a member of the Amazon, or an Atlantean.
Instantly you remembered Felicity. She didn’t want you dead.
Sorry.” you muttered.
You felt greatful that you were being killed by Zoom and not Joker. Better speed than vandalism and sadism.

'Then it be my pleasure to kill you. Send you to hell.“
"l’m already there”

    It was some moments after that Barry blurt in asking if you were okay, and Zoom laughing as he looked at the man in red.
  Quickly you answered to Barry with a small
“I can protect my self you know”

  But you didn’t die. You couldn’t exactly comprehend why, but Zoom run away after a small intense fight with Barry, who rushed you to the hospital. He stayed by your side, the whole time; even when your sister and your little toddler came to visit, even when Guy did, hell he was even there when Guy met his little daughter for the first time.
    You knew you could get any better than that, having someone to care so deeply about you and somehow Batman had made his promise come true. You had a normal life. As normal as it could ever get with Barry, but that was your idea of normal to be honest.