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if nina taught baby sonny to read, what did vanessa teach him? or carla?

vanessa taught him the ancient art of the grumps

theyre a force to be reckoned with now 


I feel like I should be very concerned that:
1) almost all the requests ive received thus far asked for Lance in one way or another

Langst for @tobi-yo (dont u winky face me bOI I C WAT U DOIN YALL TRYNA BREAK MY HEART I C) and Anon :””””””””””””””)
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Oh my GOD! I was staring at the post about Benny thinking Sonny was magic and just thought...what if Sonny WAS magic? Or had some kind of superpowers and Usnavi and the barrio have to protect him from the government or something?? (Sorry, my AU mind is going crazy again... XP )

tbh if lil sonny was magic he’d exclusively use his powers for one thing 

well that and messing with benny

i love watching all my dc mutuals talking about the dceu, having completely different opinions, vagueing each other and stuff while idgaf about it bc im just here waiting for jason to appear, literally not caring about anything else the dceu has to offer

her  hood  is  on,  a  hand  wrapped  tightly  around  the  handle  of  her  sword  that  was  sitting  nicely  in  its  sheath,  eyes  darting  around  her  surroundings,  studying  them  intently.  it  was  nothing  like  she  had  ever  seen  before.  though  the  technology,  the  outfits…  they  reminded  her  all  too  much  of  the  mountain  men  and  skaikru.  that  alone  meant  this  situation  wasn’t  a  good  one.  without  azgeda,  without  a  familiar  setting,  and  being  obviously  out  numbered,  panic  set  in,  though  she  definitely  wasn’t  showing  it.  ‘ you. ’  she  drew  her  sword,  pointing  it  at  the  closest  person.  ‘ what  is  this? ’  the  place,  she  means.  ‘ where  are  we? ’  not  exactly  where  she  was  expecting  to  end  up  after  being  kicked  out  from  her  clan.

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Idk if you know about it but theres's a cut song from ITH's workshop called Hear Me Out, and in it, Benny says that when he was ten years old, he rocked corn rows, and now I just can't get the cute image of a small Benny with cornrows out of my head.

i cant believe i forgot this!!!!!!! thank you for reminding me,, these lil bennys can be your reward

I like flirtatious Inigo but I like flustered Inigo even more.

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You've talked about frisks and charas anxiety, and asriel coming back having panic attacks, and you may have mentioned other things before but i have a horrible memory, so I present my question: do you have any other mental illness headcanon for the babs?

I try to keep their illnesses kind of vague. I doubt the whole issue with time rewinding over and over + Asriel and Chara having had their souls torn out/withered/rebuilt + Chara possessing Frisk would leave them with disorders that really resemble anything from reality. But I can try to describe the kinds of problems they face.

- Used to be selectively mute and loses their ability to speak again when under too much stress.
- Frequently disassociates if nothing new happens for a while, a side-effect of the resets. It feels like they’re falling back into a time loop. They need physical reminders that time is moving in the right direction, which is why they hoard so much useless junk - if their collections keep growing, it means that time is continuing forwards.
- Suffers from insomnia
- Probably manic depressive??
- so much anxiety
- Used to have severe PTSD due to their experiences before coming to Mt. Ebott, but after all the things they went through with the resets, their previous life feels like a very far off memory. It’s like the trauma has been scratched out of their brain, their memory banks just couldn’t handle the stress of keeping up with all the different timelines. None of their previous triggers have carried over, the trauma now only takes the form of heightened anxiety around humans and people (mostly adults) being angry with them, as well as them very quickly picking up on other people’s moods and whether or not the person in question is a potential threat.

- Doesn’t really work like other people anymore. They’ve experienced being both more and less than human - as an abstract force of evil, they were able to feel the world around them in a way that no other human being would be able to through their limited senses. Knowing that there’s something just beyond their reach has turned Chara into something else, something capable of having thought patterns that in no way resemble other human beings’. It simultaneously grants them the ability to be much more calm about their situation and burdens them with knowledge that doesn’t fit into their normal human brain. It’s like trying to get a gramophone to play a CD. They remember sensations that their brain can’t replay for them. It would probably be better if they let themself forget, but they have a hard time not clinging to the alien experience.
- Also has like, normal human depression on top of everything
- And anxiety, including social anxiety
- And like Frisk, they used to have severe PTSD before all the supernatural bs decided that there was no room for it in their head anymore. The remains of their trauma shows itself in them having a large personal space, averse reactions to sudden physical contact, being constantly alert, a nearly hysterically gleeful willingness to pick fights with those they feel threatened by, as well as generally being really uncomfortable with strong feelings that appear to be out of their control (fear, despair, crushes, etc.).

- Has issues reconciling Flowey’s memories with his own, to the point of trying to repress any trait that vaguely reminds him of Flowey’s personality, including jealousy, pettiness, dark humor, callousness, etc.
- Gets incredibly anxious about never letting himself slip up or show negative emotion beyond sadness.
- Generally has anxiety issues.
- Anger management issues - he either manages his temper too well and purposely doesn’t stand up for himself out of fear that he’ll go too far, or he loses control and absolutely goes too far, relapsing back into… well, something worse than Flowey. Someone with violent anger outbursts and the ability to love other people. Most of his relapses are triggered by Frisk or Chara being slighted or in danger. It’s triggered by fear that his human friends are going to get hurt again.
- Overthinks to the point of disassociating, made worse by the fact that he’s terrified of losing his ability to empathize again. Constantly questions whether or not he really does care about everyone else or whether it’s all in his head.

long story short: someone give these kids a blanket and some chocolate milk and maybe like, cartoons

give the baby trio a break 2k16