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Hey! What're your thoughts on Agents of SHIELD moving to Fridays at 9pm? I'm worried about the future of the show...

Hey, anon! So I apologise in advance if this gets really in depth, but I’m actually a television scheduler myself, so I’m really into how other channels put their schedule together and why they do it.

Anyway, without further ado! Here are my thoughts on the matter. Under the cut for length.

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Our Future


Between darkness, Hades, and being separated by realms, there was one thing on her mind she had been wanting to say to Killian for the past few months. Telling him how much she loved him was difficult due to her past and because of it walls surrounded her heart, but Killian was the one man who fought to break down those walls. He was the person who made her believe in taking risks and falling in love again. Being separated by curses, realms, and even death opened her eyes that life was precious and not to be wasted. Despite the nerves she felt in the pit of her stomach, she was able to declare her love to the man who reciprocated those feelings for her. The man who went to the ends of the world and time for her when she needed it the most. 

“I love you.” Those three words only brought them closer as they fought through the next evil that threatened their town. Once Hyde and her visions had been conquered, days turned into months where no threats were made to destroy the town. It was an unusual feeling and while they remained cautious, the town had to resume their lives. The relationship between Emma and Killian grew as they settled in their new home with Henry just a few rooms down from them, but they weren’t shy in taking part in the physical act of their love behind closed doors. 

Months after getting settled in their home, Emma also fell mysteriously ill that caused her to be fatigued and feel nauseated on an almost daily basis. However, due to being pregnant with Henry over ten years ago, she was able to realize that her illness could also be due to pregnancy. After flicking her wrist for a pregnancy test to appear, Emma paced back and forth in her room as the test processed. I’m imagining things. I mean, we’ve talked about getting married and starting a family… but nothing was set in stone. Shaking her head to bring her back to reality, the blonde walked into the bathroom to read the results of the test. “I’m pregnant?!” She exclaimed while the ends of her mouth curved into a smile. 

After texting Regina to see if Henry could stay with her, Emma grew restless in their home awaiting Killian’s arrival. She was overjoyed by the news and almost wanted to reveal her secret over the phone, but the thought left her mind when she heard the sound of the front door opening. “Hey.” Emma commented with a smile as she greeted him with a kiss. “I’m glad you’re home. Why don’t you sit in the living room and I will bring you some coffee? I have a little something for you on the coffee table.” After kissing him once more, Emma retired to the kitchen to work on their coffee, but not until she watched him follow her directions. Sitting on the coffee table was the pregnancy test and a ‘Daddy’s Little Pirate’ onesie beside it. 

Things the Ben 10 Fandom Needs More Of:

  • Gwen in suits
  • Kevin with scars
  • Kevin with piercings
  • Rook interacting with his siblings
  • Ben’s daughters/babies
  • Kevin with tattoos
  • Ken
  • Lucy
  • Kevin in skirts
  • Pierce
  • Zed being perfect
  • New episodes
  • Cuddles
  • Happiness in general