18. Coactive - Preview 1 / Preview 2 / Code
18.5. Esk - Preview 1 / Preview 2 / Code

Derivatives from past themes. Features:

· 300/350/400/450/500px posts
· Pop up links, can have up to 8 (18) or 9 (18.5)
· Option for infinite scrolling
· Show/hide captions and tags
· Post info at the bottom of post or at the side
· Subtitle & option to upload image (70px width) (18)
· Search box (18)
· List style options (18.5)

Note: Keep links & blog title a reasonable length. Do like or reblog if using or plan using and please just leave the credit alone. Thanks.


23. Tesla

sidebar, header, pop-up, permalink, get code

This has nothing to do with Nikola Tesla. Just a long overdue theme meant to look clean. Features:

  • 11 post width from 150px to 400px
  • 4 layout: left/right sidebar, header, top/bottom bar, pop-up
  • 2 easing option: per individual posts or whole post [container]
  • Option to expand/condense photoset posts
  • Option for infinite scrolling (+ manual load)

Note: Post margin is adjustable. Sidebar layout has option to put sidebar image. This has your avatar as default. Image size is 170px by 100px. Toggle on both Infinite Scrolling and Manual Load if you want to use the manual load.

Do like or reblog if using. If any glitch occurs let me know here. Merry christmas, happy holiday, and may 2016 be a prosperous year for you guys.


25. Vogel

preview, get code

Something plain and straightforward. This can be a portfolio blog, a writing blog, a photo journal blog, a fansite, or anything. It depends on how you want it to be… This has a regular sidebar-header combo. Your typical Wordpress-esque theme. Inspired by numerous Wordpress themes. Features:

  • 300/350/400/450/500/550/600px posts
  • Show or hide captions and tags
  • Header image
  • Social networking links + nice icons
  • Some sidebar widgets: updates, blog description, search bar, social network, blank widgets (2)

Most of the widgets can be toggled off. Leave blank widgets empty if unused. If you plan to use and/or tweak them, HTML knowledge is most likely required. Write me @queliyon in case glitches occur. Have a nice valentine you guys.


Re: 03. Volvox

preview, get code

Originally Toujours Pur, now revamped. A lot of links. Features:

  • 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600px posts
  • Cover (optional): a background image & an option to put a blurb
  • Option for infinite scrolling (manual load only)
  • A top bar and a sidebar: top bar sticks on scroll
  • Top bar has 4 links & 5 more on a dropdown tab
  • Sidebar has 6 more links, social networking links, description, blog stats (online users & total visit), search bar
  • Both body and title font choice
  • White/black/grey Tumblr controls
  • Option to hide/show captions and tags

All the sidebar items can be toggled off except maybe the description tab. Glitches in the theme: write @queliyon


20. Schatj 

1  ·  2  ·  3  ·  Code

Grid theme. I try… 

· 250/300/350/400px posts
· Full screen header
· 7 links
· Nav bar on scroll
· 3 hover styles for photo & photoset posts
· Option for infinite scrolling
· Show/hide captions and tags
· Choose from an array of fonts
· Colors customizable

Note: Full screen header can be toggled on/off & has option to blur image. Only 4 out of 7 links will show on header. The rest are on nav bar that sticks/fades in on scroll. If any glitches occur please inform me here. Do like or reblog if using, and maybe check out kconet for more kpop themes. Thanks.


theme 05 // moderne love



· header theme
· 400/500px posts
· built in pop-up ask box & description (define your tumblr username in the Tumblr URL field for your ask box)
· 4 custom links + 5 extra link on pop-up
· customizable colors


· general theme maker rules apply (do not claim as your own, keep the credit intact)
· you are welcome to tweak as much as you like
· there might be mistakes since it’s late and i’m tired, so if you find any do message me
· like or reblog if using.

made in conjunction with an earlier page

theme 06 // chrome-o



· 400/500px posts
· includes update tab & search bar (delete if unnecessary)
· description, update, link & ask on toggle
· 5 custom links (adjustable, follow the pattern)
· customizable colors


· general theme maker rules apply (do not claim as your own, keep the credit intact)
· do like or reblog if using, thank you.


page 02 // 90°





· simple all in one page with pop-up sections
· includes about, blogroll, tag/link, FAQ (optional) + ask box
· marked where to fill in the code for convenience
· general theme maker rules apply, please do not touch the credit
· late (again) and if you spot mistakes / need help do message me
· like/reblog if using, thank you!

theme 13 // biennale


Start the new year with a clean slate. Features:

· 250/400/500px posts
· 4 links on top & 3 links at the bottom of the page
· Option for infinite scrolling
· Manual trigger infinite scrolling
· Show/hide captions and tags
· Option for hover effect for tags
· Choose from an array of fonts
· Colors customizable

Notes: Keep title and description a reasonable length. Do like or reblog if using, thank you. EDIT: Some music player might not work with the infinite scrolling.

theme 09 // percent five


· 250/400/500px posts
· 250px has 2/3 column option, 400px has ½ column option
· 5 custom links
· update tabs included (can be disabled)
· show/hide tags and captions
· option for custom tumblr controls
· option for infinite scrolling
· option for background image & customization
· option for post transparency
· optional loading animation
· customizable colors and fonts

note: editing update tabs has to be done manually. the code for update tabs is right under the <body> tag. i do not help with customization beyond the provided options. please like and reblog if using or plan using. thank you.

page 01 // a love moderne



· minimalist playing card-esque all-in-one page
· includes 4 sections: about, link, tag, blogroll


· general theme maker rules apply (do not claim as your own, leave the credit intact)
· you have to edit manually - where to fill is marked in the code but a tad bit HTML/CSS knowledge helps.
· like or reblog if using.

based on joe doucet’s iota playing card because super stylish


24. Neue

landscape preview, portrait preview, get code

I feel like working on a portfolio-esque theme… This comes with a matching page meant for showcasing your tags / portfolio. Features:

  • Relative post sizes, 500px on permalink page
  • Number of columns can be adjusted (up to 5 columns)
  • Portrait or landscape thumbnail orientation
  • Option for infinite scrolling (manual load)
  • 2 hover style options

P07. Grotesk

preview, get code

Page meant to showcase your tags or your portfolio by category. Has option to put a preview image for each category. Number of columns & orientation can be adjusted. Instructions are included in the code.

Both are responsive [enough]. See it in action by resizing your browser window. Do like or reblog if using, and let me know if glitch occurs here.


16. cesium


· 300/350/400/450/500px posts
· A back to top button
· Show/hide captions and tags
· Option for infinite scrolling
· Align theme (centered, float left, float right)
· Some bullet list options options (ordered and unordered)
· Choose from an array of fonts
· Colors customizable.

Notes: Back to top button has a placeholder image of your avatar. Do like or reblog if using, thank you, happy valentine’s day, forever alone

Theme commission

So hey guys, how you doing? I decided to open theme commissions as ways to earn some extra cash by doing what I enjoy. I will be covering both theme and custom pages, and prices will vary depending on code complexity. If you’re interested in having a personalized theme, maybe you can consider this and help my broke ass just a bit.

Details and procedure here.

Please help reblog this to get the word going maybe? Thank you and have a nice day :’)

Some Things (3)

As some you might have noticed, some themes have been made private (namely theme 04, 05, 06, 09, and 20). They’re either in for a revamp for better written codes and maybe better functions, or gone forever.

Initially, I wanted to leave past themes at that, so that I can see how much I’ve improved in terms of coding, but the perfectionist in me is irked with the messy coding (the i-think-i-can-jquery jquery makes me want to cry), and I really don’t want to see people use themes with ‘unrefined’ codes so I am taking them down until I can at least rewrite the code, or even better redesign them into something more functional. Until then, they’ll remain private.

So please refer to this post before asking why a certain theme is missing, and please don’t leave me rude messages because that wouldn’t get you anywhere anyway. Thanks and have a nice day you guys.

mildly worrisome thing

so… over the course of 2 years, tumblr had made fantastic changes here and there to the point of having to update each and every theme made prior the change, and i am not going to lie that only imagining the amount of small but repetitive work i have to do already got me lazy… so i apologize for my theme codes condition being blotchy at best, with dysfunctions here and there and things disappearing.

if you find errors in my older themes, there is 80% chance i will never get around to fix it even after you notify me bc i am that lazy. sorry again and have a nice day you guys.

Update #2: Archived

I will be archiving theme questions. Archive can be found here (under construction), which will also act as a blog solely for answering theme questions. Please direct your question here from this point on. I will still finish remaining questions on my inbox prior to this announcement, however, future questions concerning theme technicalities sent to this blog will no longer be answered.

Theme 20

is taken down for the time being. i don’t have an idea as to when it’d be back up, but the answer is probably “in 1-2 weeks” every time you ask me. i will not respond to any question regarding this sent to either this blog or this blog. thank you <3

Some Things (2)
  • Updated photoset posts for theme 13, 14, 15, 16. You can now view the high-res images of the photoset.
  • Video posts now play on index page for theme 13 onwards
  • Added credit link for theme 16, so if you are using it please copy/paste again