Last night I finished “Archangel’s Legion” by Nalini Singh which is the 6th part of her Guild Hunter Series. The series is one of my all-time favorites and this book was so freaking good. <3

I can’t wait to read the next part.

But I have one question. Am I the only one who ships Aodhan/Illium? I know Nalini only wants to show their ‘bromane’ but shipping is still allowed, right? ;) (I mean I still ship Rehvenge and Phury in Black Dagger even if I like their HEA mates.)

Sadly I only found two fics about these. Okay this is a lie. I only found two English fics with Illium/Aodhan but I also found three German fics about them. BUT (naturally there is a but) the first two are horrible (typical quality) and the other one is on animexx so that I couldn’t read it. (I don’*t have an account on this site and nope even if I would love to read this I will not go on animexx.)

So now I decided I need to write some fics about them. At the moment I only have an idea for an Outsider-POV fic but hopefully the next book gives me more ideas. :)

ladyamesindy  asked:

Let's try Nebula, Meteor and Black Hole :)

I already answered Meteor here. :D 

Nebula - Who is your Shepard’s best friend?

MIRANDA, OH MY LORD. They have a rough beginning relating to each other, but Miranda complements Eliza so well, and by the time they get back from Purgatory (which they do alone, in the Ghost ‘verse), they’ve developed a healthy respect for each other, and they end up just being snarky and eternally loyal best friends for the rest of their lives. 

The night they get back from killing the Collectors is mostly taken up with a rager the likes of which Ilium has never seen before and probably never will again, and at one point Eliza and Miranda get fucking tanked and disappear, and Garrus finds them doing shots in a back room and cackling and then they hug and Eliza starts to tell Miranda something that starts with “You – you know I like, really love you, right?” 

And then he leaves, but he always regrets not hear how Miranda responds to that. 

Black hole - What is your Shepard’s greatest fear?

Failure. I can trace all of her mistakes and bad decisions back to her not wanting to disappoint anyone. She grew up super-privileged and spoiled and doted upon, and she succeeded handily at everything she put her hand to (as much because of her support network and the opportunities she was given as her own natural abilities and determination), and she doesn’t really think she’ll ever have to face screwing up – and then along comes Akuze, and she shatters

He stands apart with Patroclus, his beloved through all eternity, and Patroclus - who loves Achilles but not as much as he is loved - waits for Achilles to move. His deference to Achilles is different from that of others. They honour and respect him, keep a wise distance, because Achilles was better than the rest. Better at being human. Fighting, singing, speaking, raging (oh, he is good at that still). Killing. But Patroclus alone is humbled by Achilles’ love. Only a fool thinks that to be more loved than loving gives you power. Only a fool vaunts it and displays his own littleness by bragging to his friends and making capricious demands of his lover. Patroclus isn’t a fool. He knows that he is less than Achilles even in this. Humbled by the intensity of Achilles’ love he loves him back with all his large, though lesser, heart.
—  Elizabeth Cook,  Achilles 


Two books by Dan Simmons

I am an avid reader of hard Science Fiction as well as Classical Literature. If you, yourself, fall into this avocation…well I must recommend reading these two books by Dan Simmons.

An exquisite blend of hard science fiction blended with healthy doses of The Illiad, The Odyssey, Shakespeare, Proust and Nabakov…rendered in deep detail and rolling , page turning style, I consider these two books Modern Classics. Check out some reviews, buy em, read em…and thank me later. His other works aren’t too shabby either.