For Yoshi. Some Bolvar and Varian being dads and looking after a tiny Anduin when he isn’t feeling very well. Anduin finally fell asleep, Varian is still worried and grabbing more blankets for him, and Bolvar is assuring him that Anduin’s okay. I get the feeling Anduin was more overly tired than anything else. With how the characters look, I feel like this is probably an AU timeline where events happened in a different order, and one of those events is Bolvar comes back from Northrend. <3 *hugs* I hope you’re having a good day friend.

i was tagged by @alynissia​ for the song shuffle meme!!! stick your music program of choice on shuffle and write down the first ten songs

this is actually fairly representative of my music collection and im as surprised as you are

1. the walk - imogen heap
2. uncharted - sara bareilles
3. oh no! - marina & the diamonds
4. if… - the bluetones
5. flawless (remix) - beyonce feat. nicki minaj
6. can’t get enough - suede
7. immigrants (we get the job done) - k’naan, snow tha product, riz mc, residente
8. two shoes - the cat empire
9. heaven can wait - charlotte gainsbourg
10. cherry bomb - the runaways

literally 50% of this list is songs ive stolen from my dads music library, which again, representative,

im gonna tag @zoralla, @party-of-three, @actualnymph, @ilikeyoshi, aaaaaand @tehkellerz in a shameless grab for song recs


me and ilikeyoshi decided to take some selfies, and I noticed that Raein holding his selfie camera made it look like his arm was around Alina’s shoulders

I think he’s proud of his sister for getting to level 100 (even though I only leveled her to 60. the rest of it was the 100 boost I got for preordering Legion)

btw, thanks yoshi for helping me get through leveling in one piece! <3

     There is a green hue in the sky, and it highlights the grand buildings of Stormwind. There is a heavy silence that hangs in the air, and the danger that lurked just beyond them was easing its way into their lives. Everything Anduin had feared, everything Wrathion had spoke of… it was here.

     And it’s cold.

     Anduin twirled his mother’s locket in his hands and let out a heavy sigh. The thoughts of all that he had been through hung in his mind; everything that happened in Pandaria, the Trials… his separation… He knew it was for the best. He and Wrathion, they should have never crossed paths, and they should never cross paths again. This, he had told himself time and time again. Nothing but trouble lies ahead should he stay.

     But Light, even now with chaos looming just overhead, Anduin was cold, and even when he knew that there was no true good awaiting him, he still couldn’t help but feel lonely.

     Anduin looked up into the sky, squeezing the locket in his hand. “Wherever you are…” He murmured. “I… still miss you.”

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