I have so many other things I need to do, but after talking about Bolvar/Varian, and headcannons and Anduin trying to get them together, with a friend, I had to get this out of my system. (Which backfired because now I want to do more with this ship and can’t till I have time later!) Anduin just wants two awesome dads okay?! And Varian’s not gonna make a move because he’s bad at that, so Bolvar has to! Anduin knows Bolvar is pretty much his other dad anyway, but he wants them to have a wedding with cake, and flowers, and see them happy and get to be the ring bearer, and COME ON BOLVAR, STEP UP ALREADY! I have more emotions about this pairing than I realized at first.

     There is a green hue in the sky, and it highlights the grand buildings of Stormwind. There is a heavy silence that hangs in the air, and the danger that lurked just beyond them was easing its way into their lives. Everything Anduin had feared, everything Wrathion had spoke of… it was here.

     And it’s cold.

     Anduin twirled his mother’s locket in his hands and let out a heavy sigh. The thoughts of all that he had been through hung in his mind; everything that happened in Pandaria, the Trials… his separation… He knew it was for the best. He and Wrathion, they should have never crossed paths, and they should never cross paths again. This, he had told himself time and time again. Nothing but trouble lies ahead should he stay.

     But Light, even now with chaos looming just overhead, Anduin was cold, and even when he knew that there was no true good awaiting him, he still couldn’t help but feel lonely.

     Anduin looked up into the sky, squeezing the locket in his hand. “Wherever you are…” He murmured. “I… still miss you.”

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my brother said that Blizzard was allowed to update Wrathion’s model as long as they didn’t turn him into a beefcake, so I, like the supportive sister I am, made this concept art for Wrathion’s new model.

according to google the body builder’s name is Robby Robinson, and Wrathion is just Wrathion. I did literally nothing except move his face onto a different body.