mother--of--dragons asked:

'hng' lol x

- Do I like your blog? - Yes! Lots of The Wanted and the layout is pretty.
- Do I think you’re cute? - aw, yeah.
- What we have in common. - We both like TW (Nath in particular) and Harry Potter!
- A comment about you. - Haven’t really talked to you before but you seem really nice!
- Would I kiss / cuddle you? - I’d hug you ‘cause I like hugs. c: x

Me, Lauren & Chloe went to the town today! :D

We tried on hats…… A LOT of hats. And sunglasses. And scarves. And collars. 

Lauren in Internacionale….look at the woman behind her staring at us….

Me in Internacionale:P

Me and Lauren in River Island

My favourite picture. Me and Lauren looking rather cool and swag-ish in River Island.


Chloe in River Island!

I’m one cool dude.

Chloe :P

Chloe and her “ridiculous” shades.

Me & Lauren with our matching hats in New Look!

Me looking a bit funny in New Look.

Me and my collar!

Chloe's rank pancakes from Starbucks.