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I really love this video!


Still my fav. ghetto dance

25 Things and MORE 2009

(I took this from my myspace from 2009…some things still haven’t changed lol)

1. I’m a Leo/Virgo (cusp) - I’m complex and misunderstood. My bible is “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” by Joanna Martine Woolfolk. If its my first time meeting you or if I’m bored, this is probably one of the questions I might ask, “Whats your zodiac sign” and give you my “MMMM” look. lol 
2. I eat rice with everything meaty. I go weak without rice. The most I’ve gone without rice is a 4 days. AH. 
3. I am the youngest out of 4 siblings who are in their mind 30s and early 40s. 
4. My parents didn’t name me, my sisters friend did. I would have been named Enrique, but Joaquin was chosen instead. 
5. Most people who I come across mention my youtube or eventually find my youtube account. The background of ilikejoaquin? Before I came to college, I wanted to change my name or have a nick name, thats how I got J.Ar or JAR, but as time went on I started to realize that “i like…joaquin” lol =]
6. I have a fascination with peoples hand writing other than my own. I find that it says a lot about that person. I am very picky in how I personally write. 
7. I’m actually shy!!! Believe it or not. My youtube says otherwise. I’m a very RESERVED person when it comes to strangers. It takes time for me to open up. 
8. My favorite animal is a giraffe because its pretty and it looks cute and its a frigginnn giaaaaant! 
9. I was born in the Philippines and came here in ‘93. I had a THICK fobish accent. I still understand, but rarely speak. 
10. I love LOVE public speaking especially on the spot about anything! I like talking about history or school related topics. I’m a NERD lol. 
11. I am a neat/clean freak. Even if I had a long day, I will clean if necessary. My mama taught me well =] I make my bed every day =]
12. I’m very self conscious about my tummy and butt! If someone points any of this out to me, I get really self conscious. 
13. I don’t understand why people deface public property especially when someone JUST painted it. It makes no sense!
14. I want to be a teacher - but ultimately I want to change the world. 
15. I’m very, very logical! I need to know why and how! There needs to be reason!
16. I am easy to please. TAKE me to a park on a sunny day, get on swings, and just bask in the ambience is my type of REALaxation. I don’t need to go to a club or drink to have fun. 
17. I grew up watching Riverdance and I love it =]
18. If I love a song, I will repeat the song 100000000000000x and not get bored with it. 
19. I love running, its therapeutic (I can’t run anymore because I have a bad back LOL)
20. I am a workaholic when I don’t need to be. It actually keeps me sane. Most people can’t handle what I do.
21. I am proud to be Pilipino American
22. I am scared of heights DEATHLY afraid of it - I can’t pop balloons - I’m scared of that too. (this is half true now lol)
23. I love to laugh - if I could laugh all day I would, but I heard someone that laughed so much that they actually died! EKKK, but I love to be around people who are humorous 
24. I like designing stuff on photoshop or on paper
25. I fell at my first track meet. LOL fail.


26. I create walls for a reason 
27. People say I’m intimidating - I think I am. lol
28. I hate when people use texting as the ONLY means of communication. 
29. I have over 1300 photos on my myspace. lol they’re mostly private. (mmm I don’t use myspace anymore LOL)
30. I want to be a dad


this made me smile. i remember this…yes im scared of insects lol. lol yes im really gay here lol story of my life.



"Just A Reminder" written by Joaquin

When you’re next to me, I feel safe
Your warm body, your warm embrace
Your arms wrapped around
hands touch
eyes locked
sweet kisses - I already miss it

Time has passed and its been weeks
Since we first kissed
Since the first meet
And every day I cherish like its our last
And this is only the beginning
of two hearts being attached

Though I’ve been down this road before
Disappointed and sometimes unsure
You give me reasons to believe
That love is right in my path, in my grasp
And that you and me belong

You’re more than I could have asked for
You bring happiness into my life
You’re everything I ever wanted in a man
So much more I want us to understand

I’m here for you, like you are for me
Here to listen to your problems and to help and solve ‘em
I’m here for you, like you are for me
Here to love you unconditionally


scrub =]