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A song for all 1D's fans like me...


Oh My God! Fangirls, look at his butt! It is so big! Wow! He looks like… one of those Music Sex Gods, but well you know… Who understands those Sex Gods They only sing to us, because we obsess like no other, okay? I mean, his butt! It’s just so… BIG! I can’t believe it’s just so round and like… OUT THERE! I mean… Wow… Look! He’s just so… GREAT!!


I like Lou’s butt and I cannot lie. 

You other fans can’t deny,

That when Lou walks in with his really sexy face, 

And that thing in his pants, 

I fangirl!

I wanna touch that butt, 

‘Cause I notice that it is stuffed, 

Deep in the pants he’s wearin’

I’m hooked and I can’t stop starin’!

Oh, Louis! I wanna get with ya, 

And take your picture.

Security guards had warned me, 

But that butt he’s got makes m-m-me so horny.

Ooh, in his red jeans,

He makes all the fangirls scream.

He should kiss me, kiss me, 'cause I ain’t your average missy.

I seen him dancin’,

To hell with relaxin’!

I’m in love when he performs. 

He’s got it goin’ like a unicorn.

I’m tired of magazines,

Talkin’ shit about my babe.

Shut your face right now.

I’m about to throw down.

Imma punch Paps in the nose!

So fangirls?




Do you love Louis’ butt?! 


Tell him to shake it! 


Shake it!


Shake that healthy butt!

Louis’ got back!

(British boy with the sexy booty)

Louis’ got back!

(British boy with the sexy booty. British boy with the sexy booty)

I like it round and big!

And when he’s at a gig,

I just can’t help my fangirl.

I’m actin’ like an animal,

Now here’s my scandal.

I wanna take him home


Double up!


I ain’t talkin’ 'bout Nando’s

'Cause chicken wings are for Ni.

I wanna touch his sexy booty

So, guards, go watch a movie.

I’m gettin’ in trouble.

Beggin’ for a piece of his bubble.

So I’m lookin’ at his videos.

Not with bimbos walkin’ like hoes!

He can’t touch them bimbos.

I’ll make sure through his friends, OH!

A word to the Niall haters.

I’ll come fix ya.

Imma cuss and hit ya.

'Cause Imma be straight when I say I wanna UHH to the break of dawn!

Nouis’ got it goin’ on!

It’s like a sex God for the songs.

Most girls wanna hit it and quit it,

But I’d rather stay and play.

'Cause Lou’s butt is so nice,

It’s cooler than Vanilla Ice.

So fangirls? 




Do you wanna hang with our babies?


Then go online,

Or find some guys,

So we can buy out all their tix.

'Cause Louis’ got back.

Louis’ got back!

Yeah 1D,

When it come to you all,

Paps ain’t got nothin’ to do with my obsession.

Niall, Haz.

Liam, Zayn.

Lois, Josh.

I know you would love me.

So your girlfriends wanna hold ya,

But you fangirls wanna know ya.

We just wanna have ya to ourselves.

Security don’t know how to keep your butts all safe.

You can go out on a date,

To the movies or the lake.

Some haters think you are all gay,

And tell you to go away.

But your fans yell

And they tell

Haters to fuck themselves.

So Paps say your songs suck,

But they are out of luck,

'Cause they don’t ever lose it,

When they hear your band’s music

On the Up All Night CD

It’s just what I need.

Give me some cash

To buy their merch

At their concert here next week.

Some stupid girl tried to diss

on Niall. It made me pissed.

He has game,

But you chose to hate him,

So I pull back and I hit her.

So fangirls, if you love them all,

And you want to try to talk,

Go to twitter and stalk their pages,

And Tweet them everyday!

Louis’ got back!

Niall"s got swag!

Harry’s in the back pettin’ all his cats!

Zayn’s tryin’ hard to be all bad!

Liam’s always havin’ to act like dad!

1D’s perfect and fans love all that!


I tried to get it to where it would fit with the music of Sir-Mix-A-Lots song Baby Got Back so tell me what you think of it please!! Love you! :) .Xx

Since my husband doesn’t like me showing his face I can’t put up cute pictures like other couples and that makes me a little sad sometimes.(Him:“I don’t wanna make it easier for the fbi!” Understandable.)So I shall use this instead. 😜😂 I’m back in Texas and today I was teaching him how to make calzones. 😄 #mancandymonday #mancrushmonday #mcm #cookingtime Why does my palm look like a piece of toast? #ilikebigbutts #andicannotlie #onceyougoblackyougonnaneedawheelchair


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