Philippine Navy personnel arrange coffins that will be shipped with drinking water, clothes and other relief goods to the flood-stricken cities of Cagayan De Oro and Iligan aboard a navy ship in Manila, the Philippines on Dec. 20, 2011. The death toll from flash floods and mudslides is nearing 1,000, with tens of thousands affected.  (Photo: Aaron Favila / AP via


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Residents search for relatives among the mud-caked debris in Cagayan de Oro on the southern Philippines island of Mindanao following flash flooding and mudslides that have killed at least 927 and left hundreds more missing.  Attention has turned to the tens of thousands of survivors affected by Typhoon Washi, many of whom are crowded into evacuation centers without proper sanitation or supplies.  (Photo: Bobby Lagsa / EPA via the New York Times)

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PdP supports Moonleaf Tea Shop relief drive for Sendong victims at CDO and Iligan! Our friends at Moonleaf Tea Shop are having a relief drive at their Maginhawa branch and all of us can help! 

Bring canned goods, biscuits, instant noodles, medicines, drinking water, used clothes, shoes, blankets, toiletries, and anything that can help our brothers and sisters at Northern Mindanao! They also accept pledges and cash (for the water fund of Rock Ed Philippines), just tweet @Thysz of Moonleaf Tea Shop!

 Any other help is also welcome! You can coordinate with the relief drive (@Thysz) for more information! Moonleaf Tea shop will collect donations until Dec. 24 only!


08.02.14 : M.O. Burger Bliss

Back when I was younger, I remember craving and asking my dad for a burger every single time. My choices of food and the battle for the number one on the list of my “One food you’d wanna eat everyday for the rest of your life” had always been changing. Though pasta had occupied that spot for the longest time I can remember, I can still never go wrong with my first love. Burgers will always be synonymous to childhood and that’s just something one can’t easily take away.

M.O. Burger Bliss, located in Sabayle Street Iligan City is a new burger restaurant that offers a variety of mouth-watering burger choices. Every choice of burger in the menu is made with ingredients that lingers in your mouth in every single bite. Offers an ambiance that would make you reminisce all your burger stories and memories(you know I did. Haha). They’ve opened few months ago (I think) and though I’ve been dying to visit this new place days and weeks after they’ve opened for business, I wasn’t able to because I heard they’re burgers are kind of pricey. Yup, they’re kind of pricey alright but I tell you, every single cent is/will be all worth it!

I got Chicken Moza Bun which is pretty much made up of tomatoes, caramelized onions, bacon, mozarella, chicken with breadcrumbs and osci mayo. This one’s so good!! I mean, really good, for real. One burger is good for two people ‘cos it’s quite bigger than normal burgers and this is why the P135 is so worth it. I was even full halfway that I had to make Andy finish the whole thing. For drinks, Janos got  Patriotic Punch which has this really cool combination of red and blue. He even asked if there’s alcohol in there 'cos he won’t order one if ever there is. We’re used of tasting each others orders(and drinks) since I can’t remember when and  he doesn’t want me to drink something with alcohol, is that’s why. Surprisingly the Patriotic Punch doesn’t contain any alcohol (considering it’s punch) and so that’s what he ordered. It tastes like sprite with cherry, since I don’t know what the blue is (gatorade I think). I got Tropical Smoothie with Tapioca Pearls for myself since I’m also a big fan of pearls, even before milktea got famous(Hello Taho and Pearl coolers!) I can pretty much taste the banana in there but in general, it just suits my taste and it taste good as well, a perfect thirst quencher.

I did the honor of taking a photo of their menu for all those who want or planned to visit this place sooner(to my fellow Iliganons or if ever you’d want to visit Iligan soon hehe) I’ve had a full and satisfying experience in Burger Bliss, I hope you do too. :))

Thank you for reading and see you around! :)


I called him, and he said in a very quiet voice, ‘The water is up to our stomachs, and we can’t get out. The current outside is strong.’ After that, the phone went dead.
—  Iligan, Philippines resident Mary Ann Melancio • Talking about the heavy flooding that may have led to the death of a co-worker and his family on Saturday. Sunday, after she and her co-workers tried to find them, they were greeted by a dim scene: “We walked back to our place and could see the bodies of dead people and animals along the road. I have never seen a tragedy like this in my life.” Officials say that 652 have died in the weekend’s flooding caused by Tropical Storm Washi, and another 800 are missing. Roughly 35,000 people are in evacuation centers as a result of the storm, which left heavy flooding in its wake. Rescue efforts are ongoing. source (viafollow)