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Yes you should do it :’D

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well you’ll all probably see this coming but– I am a huge sucker for knight/princess ships. though I guess that’s not really the best way to describe it. ‘cause in most knight/princess cases it’s just “THE KNIGHT WILL RESCUE THE PRINCESS WHILE SHE DOES NOTHING BUT GET KIDNAPPED AND THEN THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER YEEEEEEAH.” don’t get me wrong I still think that’s really adorable, but >:I

I think what makes me love a ship a lot is when there’s complete and utter devotion from both sides. the best and most obvious example for this is Sora and Kairi. you can’t play those games and tell me there’s nothing those two wouldn’t do for each other. you just can’t. it’s impossible. for a good part of the second game Sora’s traveling through the worlds, protecting them and trying to find Riku and not really worrying about Kairi because last he knew, she was at Destiny Islands safe and sound. but then he found out she’d been kidnapped and was in the Organization’s clutches, and guuuhhhhh. after that, he went through so much trouble to find her. he went so far as to get down on his knees and beg and shame himself in front of Saix for the chance to see her again. it just– asdfasdfasdf it breaks my heart but makes me love the ship so much. 

the same goes for Kairi. she literally dove off a balcony because Sora was in trouble and she wanted to help him, despite not having a weapon. that wasn’t the first time she’d done something like that, either. in the first game she threw herself down on him to shield him from Heartless, and she didn’t have a weapon on her then, either. she could’ve died both times, but she didn’t care. she just wanted to help Sora. 

and yeah ;u; asdfasdfasdf I really like ships that make me swoon because both people care so much for each other that they’d do anything for them and not care about the consequences. I think this shows a lot in the ships I ship? like Simon/Nia, Homura/Madoka, DaveJade, and whatever other ones you see me sighing happily over. there’s always some sort of devotion from both parties and it just

makes me really really happy and I absolutely adore those ships