2009-10 Short Program : 007 James Bond Medley

   제임스 본드·지젤 담긴 ‘김연아 영화’ 만들어진다면?

David said that “I’d rather talk about an idea this time instead of the music I wanted to recommend for her. It’s my dream to make a film featuring the iconic short and free skating programs of Yuna, something like 'Carmen on ice.’ This is something I want to do and relentlessly pursue.” (translated by inspiration)

                             Romeo and Juliet Watchpost




                                                Ice Dance

Now THIS is what Romeo is supposed to look like. No rainbow colored gems, no boob curtains, no half-missing collar, none of that Johnny Weir nonsense. OMG is that Yuka Sato doing commentary in the background?! 

You know things are bad when I’m giving preference to a Russian figure skating costume from the 1990s… no but really this costume is beautiful and it actually suits him and the program. Unlike… 

So I was just gonna leave it at that, but since it’s almost Throwback Thursday, I thought I might as well talk about some actual skating and not just bad fashion choices. If you don’t already know, the skater pictured above is none other than the 1998 Olympic Champion Ilia Kulik aka Leonardo Dicaprio on Ice. He’s known for his amazing jumps, his giraffe costume at the Olympics, and how his cheeks turn pink when he skates LOL. Here is a video of him skating to Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet at the 1997 Champion’s Series Final (now called the Grand Prix Final… OMG I feel so old). If you look closely, you might recognize his coach!!! OMG she used to be so much smaller… I guess BOrser is following in her footsteps in terms of double chins and abdominal girth LOL. Sorry for the poor quality video and how it just sort of cuts off before the end -_-… but omg look at the quality of those jumps… and this was more than 15 years ago!!! The commentators (Peter Carruthers and Sandra Bezic?) were spazzing so hard at the beginning LOL … oh look, here is a video from when he was even younger and skating to Aladdin.

ANYWAYS, let’s get back to the point: Yuzu, you have to change your costume before the Olympics… no really… you HAVE to… I’m serious… I can’t look at it anymore… it’s too much for my eyes… maybe you can auction it off for charity… to help support the visually impaired. 


This is a group hip-hop number from the “Friends On Ice” show (2010) featuring Daisuke, Ilia Kulik, Takeshi Honda, Takahiko Kozuka, Evan Lysacek (a very awkward dancer…lol), etc. 

Evgeni Plushenko’s 30th birthday show, TV broadcast version (1 hour and 13 minutes):

(They didn’t cut any of his programs, though I do have to say there’s quite a bit of camera time devoted to shots of the singers…Maybe I’m just greedy, though)