if there’s any star trek character that i want more appreciation for, it’s ilia, because she:

  • died trying to help chekov after he was hurt by the v’ger cloud
  • comes from a alien species that is extremely sex-oriented but she never lets that cloud her judgement or interfere with her job
  • which is?? navigator. she’s a fucking kickass navigator who can keep her cool almost as well as spock can even when there enterprise is being attacked by something that’s never-been-seen before
  • she must’ve been hella good at the academy to be assigned to one of the most famous ships in starfleet history
  • apparently deltans (that’s her species) can do trignometry and highly complex space math like humans can do multiplication tabels, so, like, damn
  • her memories of love and affection, when transferred to the ilia-probe, were so strong they broke v’ger’s programming
  • she has one of the most beautiful musical themes i’ve ever heard, and this version of it opens the movie
  • lastly, she is literally the ONLY PERSON CONCEIVABLE who can pull off that absolutely horrible starfleet uniform or the high-collar robot-probe dress, i stg 

Fanon Link: I’m the reincarnation of the hero. I’m doomed to forever fight Demise. My life is an endless cycle of suffering. 

Canon Link: I’m the legendary Hero? BADASS! So long, guys! I’m gonna go take down Cia myself! *gets surrounded by Shadow Links* … my excitement and overconfidence was my undoing. 

Fanon OoT Link: I am eternally bitter at the fact that I was never considered a hero. Also my lover died, my kingdom abandoned me, I died in the lost woods, my cat exploded, Epona ate my flesh and I cry myself to sleep every night from my Skeleton Eyes.

Canon OoT Link: I am eternally bitter… heh, but actually, I’m kind of having fun now… I legitimately enjoy training this youngster who may or may not be my son! Alright, now that I’ve taught you how to stab a fucker, I’m going off to the Afterlife happily now. I am so proud of you.

Fanon TP Link: Brooding sexily is my favorite thing to do. Being an ass to Ilia, who is AWFUL and in NO WAY MY FRIEND, is my second favorite thing to do. I’m in love with the Twilight Princess and Zelda, but I can never have either because I look too sexy frowning. Sympathize with my many faults, my many and sexy faults…

Canon TP Link: I found fifty rupees in a chest? Cool! But no time to express my happiness because I have to go travel across the kingdom to save my BEST FRIEND and perhaps LOVER Ilia. After that I’ll defeat Ganon with mainly the fishing rod my FRIEND AND POSSIBLE GOD-SON MADE FOR ME BECAUSE I’M LOVED BY DOZENS OF PEOPLE. Maybe once this adventure is over I’ll do some travelling with Epona, a horse that I love and can literally speak to. Did I mention I like smiling at the smallest things and petting cats?

(No, seriously, you can actually defeat Ganon using a fishing rod strategy which is both hilarious and adorable)