ilhoons bday

D R A B B L E 

anon requested: 49 + ilhoon 

prompt used: “quit touching me. your feet are cold”

genre: a little angst, slice of life, a little fluff

a/n: i decided to split the prompt in two parts only to make this a little more interesting. keep in mind that english is not my native language so be understanding!! thank you!!

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161004 BTOB_JPN: 🎂Happy Birthday ILHOON🎂 今日10/4はBTOBの1004(天使)イルフンのお誕生日です✨ Melodyの皆様からのお祝いメッセージをお待ちしております♡♡
Happy Birthday ILHOON🎂 Today, 10/4 is BTOB’s 1004 (angel) Ilhoon’s birthday✨ Melody, please send him celebration messages♡♡
translation by natsuirobtob | take out with full credits