[Complete] Thanks To: Ilhoon

Thanks to…

Thank you to our Father in heaven.
Thank you to my mother, father, and my noona for always being strength to me.
Hong Seungsung CEO and Cube Entertainment family…
Yongbok hyung, Jintaek hyung, Baewook hyung, thank you always.
Thank you to Kangho director and the Red Carpet family for always making me pretty.
Also, I entrust my fashion to Donghyun hyung and the Nine Visual family in the future as well ♥
The production team family members who really gave me a lot of strength while working on the album, Jaewoo hyung, Sungjoon hyung, Rayoung noona, Ssancho hyung, Youngjin hyung, Minsoo hyung, and Sungho hyung I love you ♥
My friends whom I love, Shimjae, Joonseok, Hyunil, Joonie, thanks ㅋㅋㅋ
Thanks to Taehyun as well for writing my name in your Thanks To!
Lastly, our Melodies who are always my happiness and love!
And my BTOB memories that I cherish, Eunkwang hyung, Minhyuk hyung, Changsub hyung, Hyunsik hyung, Peniel hyung, Sungjae. I really, really love you!!
I would also like to thank everyone else who has given me help once more.
P.S: Happiness is always somewhere near us.

trans. cr; mellostop @ tumblr / source cr; @js_ilhoon / take out with full credits


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#BTOB’s #YookSungJae Spies on #Ilhoon in Hilarious BTS Clip From “It’s Okay” MV Filming

Yook Sungjae of BTOB recently shared a behind-the-scenes clip from the set of the group’s latest comeback music video for the title track “It’s Okay.”

On June 30, Sungjae uploaded the video clip of himself spying on his fellow group member Jung Ilhoon while he is filming a scene onto his personal Twitter account.

The clip begins with the camera on Sungjae’s face, before the voice of the music video director is heard saying, “Run in,” at which point Ilhoon makes his entrance. After Ilhoon runs into the café, he comes face to face with an actress in the music video.

Sungjae then continues to record the progression of the scene, as he makes funny faces while Ilhoon and the actress hug and share a romantic moment (which Sungjae seems to find hilarious)!

Meanwhile, “It’s Okay,” the title track of BTOB’s first-ever full-length album titled “Complete,” which was released on June 29, charted at number one for the first time since their debut.