The Tigers Come At Night by Larri Cochran
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Inspired by this post, consider if the Fake AH have been indulging in a little superhero movie marathon, and somewhere between the fourth movie and the fortieth drink, Geoff gets an idea.

He spares no expense in bringing this idea to life, but keeps the entire affair top secret, acting sketchy enough that the rest of the crew is thoroughly on edge by the time Geoff announces a new heist.

It seems like a run of the mill job, but nobody knows what Geoff’s role will be, all he’ll tell them is that he’ll meet them at the bank, and that everything will make sense there.

So the job’s going well, but there’s no sign of Geoff.  Just when the others are thinking that Geoff fucked off on his own heist, the crackle of a speaker echoes through the building, and they all look around quickly to try and find the source of the sudden blaring classic rock.

Jack spots him first (”Oh god no.  No, I am not paid enough to deal with this.”)

As the music rises to a crescendo of screeching guitars, Geoff rounds the corner in what certainly appears to be a full Iron Man suit.  The rest of the heist goes about as well as you’d expect.

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