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hellooooooooooo i'm a fan of your works! I just wanted to ask you about the colour symbolism in Sherlock. I've vaguely heard about the blue lights, red ilghts (?), green walls (with janine coming out of sherlock's room), etc... what is with the colours? Please let me know, thank you <3

Hi Nonny!

Yes, colours in this series often denotes characters’ emotions or things they are hiding. There’s John’s bisexual lighting in TSo3; the rainbows ALL over the series denoting someone is gay; or Sherlock’s feelings in TSo3

The colour green is used to symbolize John’s jealousy in HLV or used for coding characters’ sexualities or scenes with intimate moments between John and Sherlock. 

Yellow symbolizes various emotions of the characters and meant to make us feel like things aren’t quite copasetic.

I’m sure there are others, but those are the ones I can think of at the moment :)


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