So, guys, if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you probably didn’t see the amount of fan-girling I went through roughly 12 hours ago. 

I basically went on fandom cardiac arrest (just ask @jesuisunjardin) xD. Imagine. It’s 11pm, I’m dead tired from the day, then Thomas pops in with FOUR DESIGNS of Adult!Mari and ALL OF THEM HAVE PIXIE-CUTS. There was absolutely NO way I was not going to draw them. 12:30am, I’m now drawing this (n, it couldn’t wait because I have responsibilities). I go to bed at 2am ; u;

I lost sleep for this, regrettably.


My best friends laid in bed with me and cuddled and wiped away my tears when my heart was torn to pieces. Everyone deserves people like that in their lives. If you have those kind of friends don’t ever let them out of your sight. They are special. Those are the kind of people who make you realize that everlasting love can come from someone other than a significant other. Those are the people that show you what “through thick and thin” truly means. Platonic love is just as important as relationship love.

With a chuckle, Samantha grabs a hold of Caleb’s hand. “He’s been amazing. I don’t think I’ve had to clean the toilet even once since we moved into the apartment.”

Caleb shrugs sheepishly, squeezing Samantha’s hand with his own. “I do what I can. It’s the least I can do seeing as I’m not carrying a child. Besides, I’m more than used to it having been a butler for quite some years. So we manage just fine.”