ilford dd x

Alex Steadman New York, New York

I started becoming interested in these marginally slow exposures of around ¼- 1 second of scooter riders filming at night. The shape that is formed from their path and the illumination of the camera light creates something much different than a frozen figure.

Brooklyn Banks New York, New York

The Brooklyn banks have been under construction for a little under a decade. Luckily none of the construction will affect the spot. There used to be a police monitoring booth inside the fenced off banks along with one outside. There was no possible way of getting in. All that disappeared recently, and a hole in the fence appeared. The last time I rode the banks was seven years ago. It looked like some sort of scene from an apocalypse themed movie. All the ramps were left untouched. Everything was in it’s place, just overgrown with weeds. For a lot of the people with us that lived in New York, it was their first time riding the banks.

Tyler Wheeland Brooklyn, New York

A few months ago Tyler called me and said he was interested in getting back into scootering. After his Hella Grip part I thought that I would never see him on a scooter again. I told him nothing had changed, people ride scooters and film, and to meet me in New York in March. To see Tyler determined to ride and enjoying it again is surreal.

Ernie Young Maspeth, New York

We arrived in New York a few days after a snowstorm. On the first day we tried to shovel spots out to dry faster. During the whole trip we rode through slush but we managed to make it happen. There were snow pile spots everywhere, and Ernie takes advantage of one into a hill bomb.


We need to talk by Paul A
Via Flickr:
One of my first darkroom prints. Hasselblad 500c/m, 80mm Film: Tri-X @ 1600 Developer: Ilford DD-X Print: Developer: Ilford Multigrade Filter: 2.5