ilessthanthreeart asked:

can we discuss this post at some point: "god portland is just the liverWORST all i want is to take sammy to a strip club for her twentieth birthday and this fucking city is almost all 21+ and the 18+ strip clubs are sad, disgusting affairs with ugly strippers wahhhh" this is genevieve; i and a few other people found this to be problematic for a number of reasons.

it’s problematic because i’m imposing conventional beauty standards on women and made judgements on clubs based on reviews i found online, which is one of the dumbest things a person can do. believe me, i know that post is problematic and have deleted it because it was written in a state of frustration (due to a number of things). as you can see from my other posts this week, i haven’t exactly been really concerned with censoring my thoughts as they occur, and as a result, some offensive and whiny things have come out. i apologize for what i said; i was uncomfortable with it as soon as it was posted, but was also at a point where i did not care and was voicing my frustration at much bigger things via this small hiccup in my plans for the night. it was wrong, it was misogynistic, and it came from the ugly place i was in at the time i wrote it. again, i apologize.