Mega confused

So my crohn’s MRI came back positive, which my gi doc basically told me not to pay attention to if it comes out negative that we’d try other tests because it may not show up in MRI.

So I was reading the results, and three things kind of confused me it says:

1. “ There is scattered nonspecific subcentimeter lymph nodes
within the right lower quadrant mesentery.”

2. “ Trace amount of physiologic fluid
within the cul-de-sac”

Then the most confusing part is:

3. So last time I saw her she told me I have ileitis or whatever found in my colonoscopy from like…a year ago (ya thanks docs) and she basically was like,”Yeah it’s found in people with crohn’s” or whatever come to find out in the paperwork it says, “ Terminal
ileitis noted on colonoscopy.” and I was like terminal?? So I looked it up and it said it means you have crohn’s and i’m so confused. 

(Keep in mind during the same colonoscopy/endoscopy they also found gastric erythem, enteritis, gerd and chronic gastritis.)

Anyone know what the hell this stuff means?