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askthedemonhunter asked:


Vampire: Someone offers you a chance at immortality. Do you take it, and why or why not?


no! the one reason I’m as sane as I am, and that is a tenuous grasp as is. is because I have people that I care about, if I had to outlive everyone that I know or will come to know……. Immortality and ascension are my greatest fears I think.

Excuse me while I have a moment because of the people in my life.

Anyone who says people can’t change is a dirty dirty liar.

It can be as sudden as dying their hair, one day it’s brown the next it’s blonde, or a slow unnoticeable process like someone changing from a child to an adult, one day you turn around and realize that they can handle it, that they don’t need your help anymore. It’s amazing how the world insists that people don’t change but it is so easy to see in children, in relationships that were so tight and loving because they “can’t connect” or “we’re to different now”, or in the person who refused to try new things deciding that hiding away in what you know is safe is no way to live. We change everyday, and if you don’t acknowledge that everyday changes you than you are running a serious risk of going down a dark path, that path is addiction rooting itself so deep a person is willing to sell out anyone to get their next hit, deeper and deeper into depression until there is no other way out, anger and resentment because of “how could I be born this way? Why me?”. If we don’t believe we can change and just give in to the “this is who I am” mentality we are doing ourselves, our loved ones and the world a huge disservice. Because we may not have the potential to do anything and everything but we do have the potential to do our best. And everyone is beautiful when they do their best. I will never stop appreciating the people I have watched struggle with physical issues, such as cancer and the little know issue of dermatomyositis, mental issues, depression,anxiety, bipolar disorder and others, and personal attacks, whether mental or physical for things such as gender, race, religion, etc.Their lives have shown me the value of fighting those battles and changing as the need arises. In some of their cases the only change needed was things like their diet, others had to struggle through immense physical and emotional pain to get to the doctor or pick up medications, to just live their life, some had to fight their demons to change something that had become an huge part of who they were to go from barley surviving to living life and accomplishing dreams despite the odds. Yes, change can be ugly but when we are aware of those changes we can fight and make ourselves be better than we are, to be our best. I want to follow their stunning examples, I pray that I will improve everyday, that at the end of my life I will be able to say I did my best, that I did what no one else could because my best will always be different from everyone else’s, beautiful because of my effort, and touching someone in a unique way that will hopefully help them to do their best as well.

petallightfaeries asked:

"Maybe I can sneak in?" Lumi gulped as she crept into the tavern, ducking and rolling under tables and chairs until she made it to her room door. Opening it, the little Faerachnid flopped into her bed and hid under her blankets.

Ileah had been in the hall when Lumi’s door slowly swung back closed behind her. thinking someone had snuck into her daughters room she slowly advanced. she might not be the most stealthy, but Ileah was still pretty good.

opening the door and switching on the lights she quickly noticed the lump in the bed. “alright, out you get. I want to know who you are and why you’re in my daughter’s bed. and there had better be a good reason for that.” she put a little more emotion into the ending. just to get across how upset she was about the whole thing.

thetipsytiefling asked:

4: cheek kiss
Bouncing happily, Lumi promptly tackled Ileah and Drrall with a hug. Happily cozying up with her adopted parents, the little girl kissed them both on the cheek with the biggest smile she could.