Happy White Day!

So, so, sorry for the delayed hiatus! First I had Katsucon, then I was visiting Japan over the last two weeks, and somehow I thought I was going to be able to draw 4 pages while I was gone, hahaha… As it is my laptop charger didn’t play nice so I had to finish this when I got home, haha… (Shoutout to @yaexrae​ for helping with kimono choices!) 

To see what I was up to in Japan (Tokyo, Kobe, and Kyoto!) I tweeted about it at saccharinesylph on twitter! C:

So! Back to our regularly scheduled Hollow-ing on Thursday! (for real, honest.)

Inktober day 25: Kindle the Fire Curse

So some behind the scenes @threadcaster trivia, in the original few drafts of the novel, Ildri had a younger sister named Kindle who came along on the journey. After a lot of heartache and indecision I decided that Kindle, along with her mother Sharon, needed to be cut. Fast forward to the present day and I’m writing a short story about a baby Ildri and lo and behold, her sister and mother get another chance at life! Unfortunately with my new outline Kindle didn’t fit as Ildri’s sister anymore so I made her a Curse sister… the friendly fellow Curse that Ildri meets when she arrives in Fire Town

Keep an eye out for Fire Curse coming out at the end of this month!


I wanted to figure out how chibis would be drawn in Hollow. Taking a bit from how AT)( is drawn, with a bit more detail. 

Also, to people who guessed Ylva was hiding wolf ears under that hood, you are correct! Huldra don’t moo, exactly, but they have cow tails, and I draw Ildri with cow hears, so “moo” makes the most sense, and they’re commonly associated with cattle and herding.


God jul og godt nyttår! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Or shall we say… Happy Hollow-days. C: 

Our recipe this time is the Norwegian Kringle, or Kringla. Different Scandinavian countries make them differently- some even make them like a big wreath!- but this one was the simplest!

Hollow is now over a month old, and I am so grateful for all of your support in 2016, and I can’t wait to see this story take shape in 2017. 


I finished #inktober2016! First time I’ve finished an #inktober. I did Scandinavian props and items, Hollow-themed, of course. Most of these are drawn from extant items, ink pen on bleed proof marker paper.

traveller19 mentioned you in a post “I was tagged by @innitmarvelous2 for the 7 sentences challenge!  Go to…”

…not sure what @ jenniferstolzer ‘s got going on…

Trav tagged me on the 7 sentences challenge!  Go to page 7 of a WIP, skip to the 7th line, share 7 sentences, and tag 7 more writers to continue the challenge. Now that Fire Curse is longer than 7 pages I can actually do it. 

“Kindle wasn’t scary, either. She was only a year or so older than Ildri, with spurts of black curly hair and a leathery blush across her nose and cheeks. She was actually cute… the other Fire Curses not so much.“This is Firenze,” Kindle directed. “His parents found out he was fire cursed when at seven years-old he dropped a glass of cold water on his arm and burned all the skin off. It never really grew back. How’s it going, Frenzy?”Firenze waved a bandaged stump at them.“

Fire Curse is going slowly but it IS in fact going. I just need to loosen up. I tag @ibenholt