Do not let me go back to the page “archiveofourown” again …. fanfics of there are beautiful and inspire me to do drawings … which are not so nice to be at the height of such texts.

These are doodles I did after reading the fanfic "Don’t eat the food of mindscape" based on the myth of Persephone and it was beautiful and I want to do a detailed drawing one scene (not the scene sex but I still like to do it xDD)



Inktober day 10 - Ildri

Ildri is a Fire Curse living in Fire Town out in the middle of the desert. Ildri is a motherly, caring person who takes in the children who arrive to Fire Town and cares for them with her roommate Sera. When Cat and Peter come to Fire Town to ask the people for help, Ildri does all she can to keep both them and her own people safe. 

I wanted to figure out how chibis would be drawn in Hollow. Taking a bit from how AT)( is drawn, with a bit more detail. 

Also, to people who guessed Ylva was hiding wolf ears under that hood, you are correct! Huldra don’t moo, exactly, but they have cow tails, and I draw Ildri with cow hears, so “moo” makes the most sense, and they’re commonly associated with cattle and herding.