ilana wexler

‘What’s in your purse?’

How Broad City’s Abbi messily reimagines a ubiquitous fashion spread

Carry This Book is a spin on the “what’s in your purse” gambit of every fashion magazine you’ve ever read, but expanded to what Abbi Jacobson imagines both current stars and legendary figures might carry each day. Albert Einstein carries a dream journal and a packet of Mallow Cups, Judge Judy carries false eyelashes (the “Bella Donna” model), and Donald Trump sticks with a clutch of self-tanners, “huge gloves…for show,” and a list of mantras (“You are a genius,” “you are extremely well-endowed,” “bankruptcy is the new black”).

Any fan of Broad City, however, may find their favorite spreads come near the end of the book, when we get to see the colorful and chaotic contents of Abbi Abrams’ and Ilana Wexler’s bags (Ilana is never without her Beanie Babies price guide, while Abbi won’t leave the house without her Bed Bath & Beyond coupons).