ilana kohn

The Style Line x Brand Assembly: Meet Ilana Kohn

“Yes, we definitely pride ourselves on making clothes for ‘everyday’ wear, aka socially acceptable pajamas! Clothes you can enjoy and not worry about having to be too precious with. As we’ve matured, I’d say that definition has absolutely stayed the same, albeit, different representations of that ethos have certainly emerged as we’ve grown, and it continues to evolve.” In our latest collaborative studio visit with Brand Assembly meet illustrator/designer Ilana Kohn and find out what’s next for her and her growing contemporary brand. Discover the two part visit on both ‪The Style Line and The Assemblist.

Photos by @bridgetbadore​ for The Style Line in partnership with Brand Assembly


I’ve always felt guilty about throwing away scraps so was thrilled when I met Pauline from Counterpane who happily took a load of them off my hands.  I sent her a giant box of scraps and *this* amazingness happened  - those are all scraps from my very first SS12 collection (all except the backing)!