breeze still carries the sound

I absolutley hate how there is a massive split in the Blink-182 fandom, between those who love Tom and those who hate him. It’s upsetting because people should be happy that Tom is much happier doing what he is doing with To The Stars and AVA. Yes, Blink was better with Tom but he waa clearly unhappy in Blink at this stage in his life and he felt he couldn’t do what he wanted to do. I’m so sick of seeing people commenting on his posts and tweeting him “Go back to blink”. It’s not fair on him.


Back in 2009, I filmed some unique and very fun live videos for @nineinchnails. Just me and my Canon 5DM2 in the middle of the stage, following the action in a single shot, one song at a time. It was chaotic, exciting, and very hard to manually focus, but it resulted in my favorite concert footage I’ve ever filmed. Someone on Youtube has taken it upon themselves to stitch all of these videos (originally posted individually) into this long-form piece. So if an hour and a half of intimate on-stage live NIN concert footage from various venues around the world sounds interesting to you, I think you’ll enjoy this.

NIN Q+A Cliffnotes

Watched the NIN livestream Q+A
Main things

EP 3 is being worked on, lyrics are being/have been written
Fight Club Musical WAS a thing
Still is being released on Vinyl
She’s Gone Away is about Twin Peaks
Bored of the old live show format (screens, lasers and stuff)
Hates EDM
Planning a few shows next year
Ideas for a deconstructed/acoustic/Still show
Probably not going to perform Supernaut with Al Jorgensen at Riot Fest
Trent loves Chicago as an inspiration for his work
Not doing anything for 30 year anniversary (as far as we know)
Would perform with Peter Murphy
Trent still hates Trump
Trent still has a hard on for vinyls, stopped fighting streaming services
Vietnam War soundtrack took 4 years
Trent cried whilst making it
Trent saw a bit of Twin Peaks before anyone else did (by accident)
You need to blow Ilan Rubin for a new 12 Rounds album