Back in 2009, I filmed some unique and very fun live videos for @nineinchnails. Just me and my Canon 5DM2 in the middle of the stage, following the action in a single shot, one song at a time. It was chaotic, exciting, and very hard to manually focus, but it resulted in my favorite concert footage I’ve ever filmed. Someone on Youtube has taken it upon themselves to stitch all of these videos (originally posted individually) into this long-form piece. So if an hour and a half of intimate on-stage live NIN concert footage from various venues around the world sounds interesting to you, I think you’ll enjoy this.

The emptiness of man is not like
any other: not like an empty coat
or empty sack (things that do not stand up
when empty, such as an empty man),
the emptiness of man is more like fullness
in swollen things that keep on swelling,
the way a sack must feel
that is being filled, or any sack at all …

João Cabral de Melo Neto, from “The Emptiness of Man,” trans. Galway Kinnell,The FSG Book of Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry: An Anthology, ed. Ilan Stavans (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2011)