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#I’m pretty sure the paternity of Lexi and Peebee is rumor not canon

Saw your tag and thought I would clear things up - 

Lexi does not deny that her father was a turian when Peebee brings it up, despite denying the way it supposedly reflects on her character. Given that she was the product of a dancer and a bouncer on Omega, the races do line up. From the way the dialogue was written, as if you are walking in partway through the conversation, I’m fairly certain Lexi was the one to bring up this fact moments earlier.

Peebee: Wait, Lexi. Your dad was a turian? That explains so much.
Lexi: What’s that supposed to mean?
Vetra: Here we go.
Peebee: You know… how uptight you are.
Lexi: I am not uptight.
Peebee: Not even 300 years old and fussing at us like a matriarch.
Lexi: I’m a doctor! Fussing’s part of the job.

And Peebee says herself that her father was an elcor.

Drack: Peebee, you’re sure you’re not half-krogan?
Peebee: Nope. Why?
Drack: Your attitude… aggression. The way you don’t take shit from anyone.
Peebee: My mother mated exclusively with other asari.
Drack: Is that right?
Peebee: Except when she conceived me. My father was an elcor.
Drack: You’ve got to be kidding.
Peebee: Offended indignation. Why? Doesn’t it fit?
Drack: You’re as far from an elcor as I could imagine.
Peebee: Then it makes perfect sense, right?
Drack: Huh. I suppose so. You little rebel.

This is also a fact that Jaal brings up when talking about elcor Hamlet.

It’s possible that Peebee is lying to everyone for her own amusement. I’m less willing to believe that Lexi would actively deceive anyone about her parentage, as she’d have no reason to. Either way, the belief that Lexi is part turian and Peebee is part elcor is canon. While debatable in terms of Peebee and whether or not she’s just trolling everyone, it is definitely true for Lexi.

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Hi Agent M! Looking for comic recommendations...I'm currently reading All-New X-Men, Black Widow Volume 5, She-Hulk Volume 3, and the New 52 Wonder Woman (not Marvel, I know). I'm looking for two more current, ongoing monthly publications that aren't too far in to their run, that I can add to my regular monthly order. I'm a big fan of the MCU so anything that ties in or is related to that would be welcome!

Captain Marvel!



Secret Avengers!

Iron Patriot!

Ms. Marvel!


Lotsa great options, and all those are still very early in their runs. Let me know what you try and what you think!

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Can you please ask submitters to note the band and song in question when they submit an armadillo that refers to a band's song lyrics or similar? It might help introduce some readers to new bands!

This is a good point! Try to include this info just after the caption, if you don’t mind, future submitters!