Inspiration Fridays~my little piece to show that we all create from divine~ and between the support of artist even when you make similar creations~ today I would like to feature a beautiful Designer of Fashions~ out of Trinidad. She is a talented maxing Womban. Go check out her Divine creations @iladesigns #iladesigns @iladesigns

If you want to stop snacking unhealthy make #Popcorn in the pot! Rich wholegrain full of fibre antioxidants iron and protein. #coconutoil and #kernels and a medium flame. Cover the pot with a layer of oil let it heat cover the bottom with kernels put the lid on and let it pop! Turn off when popping slows and let it finish. Take off lid and throw in the bowl immediately. Serve hot. Add your flavour. #italisvital #yum by iladesigns


I love my maxi skirt! can never get enough of maxis. Skirt, Headwrap (wolette wrap). multiwear crochet bag and necklace all Ila Designs. you can ge them at my etsy store.

Calabash bangleby Vyombo Designs by Baba and Modupe.

make your own skirts with my simple sewing tutorials. you can find them at my blog or www.

Not all vibes turn out to be good ones Jah know you cant always foresee when the switch turns off and people show their inner badmind or that they really dont value or raspect you as a person. It is worse when others who should know better get caught in the ignorance too.
In all things maintain a balance between self and others between truth livity and pleasure seeking
Between positive and negative.
Once you have balance within your I, the wicked intentions and word sound people devise for you will be met by a wall that only you can tear down. #Balance plants you firmly in Light and it will see you through.

I have a bunch of two sided Maat pillows I did for last emancipation. Putting this reminder to self in my space.

#IlaDesigns #Itsallgood #stayup