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Cheers to Chicago’s Groupon for this great video in support of marriage equality in Illinois.

We are Groupon (by Groupon)


In honor of today’s Gay Marriage vote in Illinois, a peek at the future of Boystown.

So...this happened.

On my way to Springfield a few weeks ago, I had an interesting encounter. There was this black car tailing me most of the way. And we were going pretty darn fast. Finally, the black car decided to pass me. It was an Impala (more recent version) and it had municipal plates. So my first thought was “Oh gods, how do I not have a ticket right now??” So I caught back up to the Impala to see that the driver was definitely not a cop. He had on shades and a leather jacket and one denim clad leg propped up on his seat. So now I was like…okay…me and this guy who’s kinda got a dean winchester thing going on are headed to springfield to support marriage equality in illinois. This is life right now. But this wasn’t a 1967 Impala. So I told myself to stop freaking out. But then! BUT THEN!! He passed me up again and I noticed some dry cleaning hanging in his back seat. It was a trenchcoat. It had a blue tie draped around the hanger. I damn near crashed my car.