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• Within seconds of the video starting, a large TS can be seen in the grounds below.
• When the video first starts, the tombstone in the graveyard isn’t a cross, but it’s a T.
• 2014 Met Gala Taylor is getting buried by OOTW Taylor. You can see she’s smiling in the grave because she said in 2015, she had a dream that paparazzi were taking pictures of her in her sleep so that’s why she is smiling.
• Nils Sjoberg can be seen on a tombstone, which was a pseudonym that was used by Taylor when she wrote “This is What You Came For.”
• While laying in the bathtub with all of the jewels, there is a single dollar bill laying there. Which is assumed to be the $1 won in the recent assault court case.
• In the bathtub, Taylor can also be seen wearing a snake ring & throughout other parts of the video.
• On the floor, a locket can be seen, very similar to the one given to her by ex Calvin Harris.
• In the throne room, the pillars say “Et tu Brute”, which originates from Julius Caesar. She is either embracing or shaming whoever turned against her.
• In the scene where Taylor is sitting in the throne, 12 snakes can be counted. After being called a snake, Taylor is assumed to be snake #13.
• The crashing of the Maserati goes back to the Red Era. Taylor can be seen holding a grammy, but the media is only focused on the car crash. In addition, the song Red has lyrics about driving a Maserati.
• Next, it can be seen that Taylor is robbing a streaming company. This goes back to when she removed her music from streaming sites because she feels artists should receive payment for their work.
• Taylor is wearing a cat mask while robbing. It’s her favorite animal, plus she has Meredith & Olivia.
• The motorcycle scene can go back to 2015 when a motorcycle company sued her for the term “Lucky 13.”
• The “Squad” be full of fake, unrealistic woman. (Catch the cat on the screen- Meredith)
• When Taylor enters the room and throws something at one of the dancers, it looks very similar to a Wonderstruck perfume bottle.
• Just with a snap of a finger, all the shirts change to I♥️TS, just like ex Tom Hiddleston wore summer of 2016.
• Standing at the top, all calm and collected now is Taylor. Underneath, Taylor from the Shake It Off music video, IKYWT white gown, IKYWT music video Taylor, WTNY 1989 tour Taylor, 1989 seagull sweatshirt Taylor, Love Story Taylor (twice), billboards Taylor, VMA’s Taylor, Safe & Sound Taylor & so many more.
• During the scene with all of the Taylor’s, only two look back. Taylor from the Fearless Tour & Taylor in the Junior Jewels shirt.
• When spray painting “Reputation” across the plane, Taylor is wearing a floral suit, which could be inspired by ex Harry Styles.
• In the airplane hanger, a giant #13 can be seen to the right of the screen on the wall. TS6 can also be seen on the tail of the jet.
• Names on the Junior Jewels shirt: Abigail, Martha, Ed, Selena, Blake, Ryan, Este, Alana, Danielle, Lily, Lena, Gigi, Todrick & Patrick.
• When all of the Taylor’s are lined up in front of the jet, Taylor can be seen on the wing with a real power pose. She took back the narrative and let her confidence shine through.
• There’s a dig at Kim K when Taylor is recording Taylor and saying she’s going to edit it later.
• Taylor asked to be left out of this narrative, remaking when Kanye interrupted her at the 2009 VMAS.
• At the end of the video with all of the Taylor’s, zombie OOTW Taylor’s arms fall off.

List of Taylors in the video:

-Reputation Taylor

-Shake it off ballerina

-Shake it off cheerleader

-Red Tour Taylor Opening

-Red Tour Taylor WANEGBT

-Fearless Tour Taylor

-YBWM Taylor

-New Years Eve 2014

-WANEGBT Pjs Taylor

-VMA 2014 Taylor

-WANEGBT Phone Taylor

-Welcome To New York 1989 Tour Taylor

-Red Tour 22 Taylor

-2006 Cma Taylor (the feels omg)

-YBWM Junior Jewels Taylor

-LWYMMD Music Video Characters

-2009 VMAs Taylor

-2014 ACM awards Taylor

-2006 Grammys Taylor

-Style 1989 Tour Taylor

-2016 BMI Taylor

-2015 VMA Taylor

-IKYWT Music Video Taylor (with the black circle shirt)

-YBWM Band Taylor

-1989 Tour Bad Blood Taylor

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"I was a robber first time that he saw me"= he knew i was trouble when i walked in (cause of my reputation) = RFI video is IKYWT video part 2. IKYWT girl picked herself off the ground and became a bank robber. case closed.

definitely a bank robber. robbing banks. get away cars. i feel this vibe. maybe even masks

will the pink hair return?? need 2 know.


abigail_lauren: "Is that a world tour..or your girls tour?“ #Both #PowerStance #FlipsHairWalksAway @taylorswift