Just let you guys know, because y’all care so much about it, I won’t be live blogging Supernatural anymore. It has the same time slot as Criminal Minds and I live blog on Twitter during that. It wasn’t hard to choose really. In the end the blogging I do during Criminal Minds for ikydu and I love her a lot more than I love Supernatural.

outercorner Tagged me so now I have to put my IPod on shuffle and list the first 20 songs. Then I get to tag 11 other people. Should be fun. I’ll even add links to them. (OMG KALI SIMPLE AND CLEAN IS LIKE ONE OF MY TOP 5 FAV SONGS EVER!!)

  1. Three on Three - Pokemon The First Movie Soundtrack
  2. In Her Honor - Anyone For Tennis
  3. I Know Him So Well - John Barrowman & Daniel Boys
  4. Lost Cause - Beck
  5. Why - Avril Lavigne
  6. Veloncia - Aqua Timez
  7. SHUFFLE! - Masami Okui
  8. The Kids Aren’t Alright - The Offspring
  9. I Will Be - Avril Lavigne
  10. Everybody’s Fool - Evanescence
  11. My Hands - Leona Lewis
  12. All The Things She Said - t.A.T.u
  13. Yellow - Coldplay
  14. Build You Up - Kim Taylor
  15. Field Of Innocence - Evanescence
  16. Things I’ll Never Say - Avril Lavigne
  17. See Who I Am - Within Temptation
  18. Crying Like a Child - Utada Hikaru
  19. Radioactive - Within Temptation
  20. If You Could Only see - Tonic

Soooooooo aside from ym IPod not shuffling very well, I think that went pretty well. I’m gonna tag ikydu bilesandthesourwolf otherbully1 biscottmccall blaineswolf khaitheshippingqueen abbiemillskicksass grandmastercho lunaslittledemon onegnarlydude ninuninu

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Damn Bloody Right!! LOL!! And Damn You Side Affects!!! Screwing up our heavy machinary schedule… ;) I love the whole, you might experience… MIGHT?! MIGHT my ass… LOL! I have all the common ones thank u very much… >:( lol!

Same here. Every time any meds say ‘may cause drowsiness’ my ass end getting knocked out. It’s super fun. Especially when you have somewhere to be that day.

ikydu replied to your postJust 20 hours until I turn 24.

You can have a party by yourself… Get some sweet stuff, some alcohol & some cake, stick some music on and tell the rest of the world to piss off ;) :D BTW did u like my card… IK it’s a little early : )

Girl, I barely have the motivation to get out of bed at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Seriously, I’ve been so emotionally drained these past few days I’ve done nothing but sleep all day. Even days when I work, I” spend most of it in bed because I don’t have any reason to get up.

And I did get it, thank you. Cheered me up a bit. <3

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Oh Hun… Grab some chocolate and some alcohol and everything will be better :) As for the TW problem, leave the tag alone for a while… I have had to do that with the NCIS tag because people were just pissing me off…

I do not have either of those things. I’m think Disney ovies would be a good substitute though.

As for the TWFP tag; I don’t have any plans to visit it any time soon. Those people are just, ugh.

its-my-turn-to-speak replied to your post:I’m going to punch someone in the fucking face.

Why? What happend? Everything is okay?

ikydu replied to your post:I’m going to punch someone in the fucking face.

Why? And who do I have to kill?

Well, first at work my replacement was over 30 minutes late to work so I got to deal with this family coming in twice and spending over $300 (which is nearly 300 different items I have to scan because I work in a dollar store) and wrapping and packing up the breakables they bought.

Then at the store I had to go after work with my mom to pick up a prescription for her hubby (who is still throwing up like 5 times day and isn’t getting any better) only to find they don’t actually have the medicine he heeds and it won’t be there for over a week. So we had to go to another store and deal with two rude people who kept asking us the same questions even though they knew exactly who we were because the store before called them and told them we were coming.

Oh! And I got to spend an hour cleaning the front of the store because nobody else has, and I didn’t even get to finish because it was so bad. Apparently my fellow coworkers think it is okay for a bunch of easter crap to lay all over the floor and get stepped on and have people trip over.

And don’t even get me started on the TWFP tag. Those people have upset me the most.

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You would still have all the comforts like TV, DVD, pc, etc… But by the sounds of it, it might be better if u just stay put, lol!! And yes, I know it’s your job doing that to me but this is me returning the favor, lol!!

lol It might better if I just come live with you and your free health care. And living in the English countryside is bound to be much better for your health than the city.

And that way we could bundle each other up in cotton balls and bubble wrap anytime we need. lol