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IKWYDLS {Newt x Reader AU} 

Requested: YAS.

Author: Joi A. Wade

Summary: Newt and the gang have returned from summer vacation, ready to finish their last year of High School. But, when a well kept secret breaks loose, things start turning for the worst.

I just don’t see what went wrong. I thought everything between us was going fine…but I guess dirty secrets can’t be kept for long.


I couldn’t wait to see (Y/N) after two and a half months of being away from each other. The only communication we had was texting and bloody Facetime, which didn’t really help on how much I missed her. My summer wasn’t the same without her, sure I had fun in Aruba, but being a million miles away from my love…just didn’t feel right.

Well, now it’s Wednesday, I’m back home and at school, and I can finally reunite with my fellow companions for our last year of high school. I even missed those shuck-faces.

 Entering through the doors, I was greeted with that same smell the school reeked of. Bleach and complete klunk. But, not even the smell was going to ruin this day for me. I was going to hug and kiss (Y/N) after so long, and that’s all that mattered.

“Hey, well, if it isn’t the shuckiest, shuck-face around W.I.C.K.E.D High.” I felt a hand clamp on my back, accompanied with a sarcastic tone in the person’s voice.

“Good to see you, too, Minho. How was your summer?”

“Fantastic! You have NO idea how many sweet asses there are in Miami, it was heaven on Earth, my friend. How was Aruba?” Minho grinned, “See any hot, Caribbean girls down there?”

I rolled my eyes, is that really all he cares about? Well, it IS Minho for Christ sake.

“Have you forgotten that I am happily with my lovely girlfriend?” I playfully glare at him.

Suddenly, his playful demeanor changed quickly and his body language looked uncomfortable for some reason.  

“O-Oh yeah. I forgot about (Y/N).” Minho shook his head, arms crossed.

I looked at him questionably, wondering why he said her name like it was some kind of curse, with a look of displeasure plastered on his face. Clearing my throat, I got his attention again.

“Is there something you’d like to tell me?” I crossed my arms, getting ready to bloody curse the shuck out of him for having such a bad attitude toward (Y/N).

Minho sighed, scratching the back of his neck, as if he were having a debate inside of his head about something.

“Look…Newt.There’s something you should know about (Y/N) and…I don’t think you’re gonna like it.”  

It’s already third period and still no sign of Newt anywhere. I would have thought he would have met me by my locker or something, or at least have texted me. Did he miss me like he said he did? Has he forgotten about me? Has he…found out about anything? No. No, he couldn’t have. No one saw me, I was very careful about what I was doing…I hope.

“Hey, Newt! Nice to see you back in one piece,” I rushed up to my friend, seeing that he was finished talking with Gally and Teresa…why would he be talking to them…at the same time?

I saw him clench his fist, slowly turning to face me. His body language screamed DANGER, but his facial expression screamed HI, FRIEND.

“Hello, Thomas. How was your summer?” He spoke through clenched teeth, eyes softly glaring at me. Okay, two things weren’t right already about this conversation.

One, his whole tense attitude towards me, even though his voice was soft and inviting. Two, the fact that he addressed me as ‘Thomas’ instead of his usual nickname for me.

“It was fine…”

“Oh was it now? Did you…spend it with someone special?” He took a step closer to me, making me stiffen up. He must have noticed the change in my face, because his smile turned sinister, his scowl deepening.

“W-What…what do you mean?”

Newt chuckled darkly leaning against the lockers next to him. This was only increasing my anxiety even more, and the anticipation of a punch coming my way pretty soon. As quick as it was to come, his grin disappeared; he was now showing the emotion of rage. He knows.

“I know what you did, Tommy.”

He knows.

{ Oki Doki! This is the longest imagine I’ve written so far! Yay! SHould I make a part 2?? I just might! I hope you enjoyed <3 }