Twitter - June 4

Rui “You can even fly in the sky”

Rui “If you think that photo ② * of yesterday is scary, the correct answer. It is the image of the Phantom of the Opera. It is a phantom of Roppongi** as it is a photo of Roppongi. In a slightly strange building, monster, fairy and monster live Thinking … Is not it fun? (Exciting) ”

Rui “It was Ginza***, a monster in Ginza (correction). Thank you for telling me.”

Rui “I am glad that the number of followers has reached 150,000 people (thanks). I am happy that I will be free to play at every pace, freely and comfortably, the changing season, the passing months, the flowing time. If I could feel you for a moment, we are happy alone. ”

Rui “150 thousand people celebrating, a little rare (?) Memories, this is a poster of glasses, everyone, it suits you, is there someone who bought me glasses?”

Rui “A poster at a station in 2014. It was an advertisement for an art book and I’m telling you that I want to make a new art book sooner or later, will it be thrilling?”

Rui “Also poster for AGF 2014, 24 people got it”

Rui “Papers for spare time killing”

Rui “Dummy posters made for decoration of the only shop ①”

Rui “Dummy posters made for decorating the only shop ②”

Rui “There are various now in the present. Thank you for always cheering. Well then, go to this place. Good night.”


* This is the photo mentioned:

** Roppongi is a district in Minato, Tokyo that is known for the Roppongi Hills, foreign embassies, and night clubs

*** Ginza is a district in Chūō, Tokyo that focuses on high end shopping

anonymous asked:

that cammy cosplayer not your wife you stupid slut you just wish you looked like her. i bet you don't even know her.


Of course I want to look like my precious baby Ikuy. She’s hot as fuck.

But please

continue to tell me

how we don’t know each other

and how she isn’t

my precious wife

We have the best platonic best friend wife relationship and I’ll be getting more kisses and gripping hugs and butt time then you could ever wish for anon. Lol peace nerd.