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Tokyo Ghoul Novel Masterpost

So here are all the translations or summaries I’ve found so far.

Novel 1: Days

Novel 2: Blank Space

Novel 3: Empty Days

A special thank you to every single wonderful person that summarized or translated stuff. You are all amazing.

So, I was listening to IU’s ‘Good Day’.

Here’s the link to the song and it’s Japanese version.

What I love about this song is the catchy rhythm and when IU sings the three-level high notes. Then, I tried to imagine various anime characters attempting to sing this song in the karaoke.

Shounen Hollywood

  • Only Kakeru sings sitting down.
  • Everyone is else is on their feet.
  • When they sing the three-levels, Kakeru doesn’t even bother, Makki fails before finishing the first level, and Tommy runs out of air by the second. Only Kira and Shun can sing up to the third level, but Shun sings it longer because he wants to, which causes him to be so oxygen deprived, he couldn’t sing the last lyric.


  • Syo is the first to fail. Let’s be honest, his voice isn’t made for those pitches. He doesn’t even make it past the first level.
  • Otoya uses too much of his breath and stops during the second level.
  • Ren, Tokiya and Masato are so passionate, they step on foot on the table.
  • Cecil’s voice goes so high at the third level, he’s practically whistling through his throat.
  • Natsuki accidentally sings too long and only stops when he hears Syo nail the last lyric.


  • Reiji cannot control the height of his pitch and ends up screaming silently.
  • Ranmaru is basically roaring into the mike.
  • Ai does it perfectly, of course.
  • Camus is gliding across the floor as he sings the three-level high notes.


  • Yamato is also roaring into the mike.
  • Eiichi fails to reach the third level.
  • Van practically operas it.
  • Nagi’s third level sounds like the squealing of tires trying to stop on the road.
  • Eiji’s third level sounds pretty good until he runs out of air and starts sounding like a deflating tire.
  • Kira and Shion succeed, but it is Shion who captures the emotion perfectly.

Team Ohtori

  • Hoshitani cheats by using his deepest voice.
  • Nayuki bails out at the second level.
  • Kuga is sitting down but leaning forward.
  • Tsukigami is standing up and leaning forward too.
  • Tengenji has a foot on the table and is leaning forward as well.
  • Those three nail it.

Team Hiiragi

  • Toraishi can’t do it. His voice was not suitable.
  • Ugawa ends up screaming on the third level.
  • Tatsumi, Sawatari, and Inumine succeed.
  • Inumine is on the table, singing to the ceiling with his arms spread wide.

anonymous asked:

Aaaah if I remember correctly in one of the novels there was a chapter about a dying ghoul mother with a baby and a human mother whose baby just died and the ghoul mother pleads the human mum to save the ghoul baby so the latter lets the ghoul baby have a bite from her dead baby? I think it was something like that

You remember correctly! That’s the story about Ikuma Momochi, purest of pure angels.

He’s a really cool side character, and I kind of both hope he appears in Re and don’t because Ishida hurts everything we love.

His adoptive mother is a doctor, so she raised him using scraps taken from the hospital. She also forged a diagnosis of severe food allergies, so no one would question his strict diet.

He moves to Tokyo from the country-side, to pursue a career in music……but pretty much ends up getting dragged around as Chie’s buddy. He’s terrified of most other ghouls, as apparently the ghouls in Tokyo have a reputation for being really vicious compared to those living elsewhere.

He ends up meeting Kaneki, and they bond over being people from both worlds. He also is kind of……a Frenemy of Tsukiyama? In that Tsukiyama tried to kill him once for LULZ, but then he realized Ikuma was a musician too and was like FRIEND. Ikuma is terrified of him and wants to avoid him as much as possible.