🎉Happy Birthday, Beth🎉 I thought a lot about what to write, what you deserve on this day. I don’t have words though. You are, without a doubt, the greatest little sister of all time. The only one who has me in tears from laughing so hard within the first 10 minutes together. The only one who hates shopping more than I do. The only one I know who could drink an entire magnum of strawberry arbor mist in one night. The only one who could turn jelly beans and poop into hours of endless jokes. You are my one true sister, my ultimate ride or die, the ying to my yang. I’m convinced no two people could be so different, but so alike. I love you times Infinity. 62 hours until we’re reunited for 7 glorious dad, but who’s counting. I hope today is filled with love, laughter, a million cuddles with Zeke and snacks. But not too many, save some for when I get home. Love, Sisi
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