Over the past couple of months I’ve been working on an iPhone/iPod Touch App for an Albanian portal (www.ikub.al by IkubInfo Software Solutions) called My iKub. This being my very first mobile app, I was thrilled to be working on it, and now that the 1.0 version has been approved and published on the App Store I can say that the project was pretty successful. 

What the app does, is that it allows users to subscribe to numerous categories and tags to get all the news & information they need on their iPhone. 

Developing for iOS has been a great experience. I have to say that all resources out there, the Apple Documentation and stackoverflow.com have made the whole process faster and somewhat easier. Even though dealing with the Human Interface Guidelines and Memory Leaks has been a huge pain in the butt, it was well worth the trouble.

To get hold of the app just click on the link below and keep up with Albania :-)

Commets, suggestions, and ratings are more than welcome!