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Iktus Percussion performed Stockhausen’s Musik Im Bauch in Central Park as art of Issue Project Room’s Darmstadt series. Music boxes were pulled from the belly of a half-bird figure standing on a pedastal; players waved long sticks in semaphore patterns to intermittent chiming on gongs and vibraphone. A surreal dream-like performance in a treat of a location on a steamy summer night.


Tonight at 7:30pm EST we are streaming Iktus Percussion with special guests Taka Kigawa and Phyllis Chen. They’ll be doing an all John Cage set. Watch it live here or head over to our Concert Window channel to participate in the live chat. 

Iktus Percussion performing K. Stockhausen's Musik im Bauch in Central Park at the Naumberg Bandshell. I believe this is shortly before music boxes begin being pulled out of the intestines of the bird-god-man.

It was an incredible piece, with a musical language that was elusive but felt almost within reach, perfect for the macabre fairy-tale world of its creation. 

Presented by Issue Project Room Darmstadt as part of their Darmstadt 2012 project during Thursday’s Make Music NY marathon.