ikr omg

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Alex just comparing her chubby lil tummy to Lexa's abs and kissing Clarkes scar just omg cuteness

Ikr they are the cutest. Alex just patting her lil round belly and staring at Clarke’s scar and just “I want one”

Talking with non-ace friends

Me: “that singer is really attractive”

My friends: “OMG IKR!!!!!!!! I want him to do me! Feel him inside me. Hard core make out! Sex sex SEX!!!! OMG”

Me: *looks at friend awkwardly* “I just want to like touch their hand, maybe a small kiss on the cheek….but okay…”

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-talking to a boy- me, on the inside: ugh please go away you're So Annoying™ me, on the outside: haha ikr, omg that's hilarious please help?? idk how to be impolite and not such a people pleaser aaaaa

SAME like when a creepy boy hits on me i like… can’t say no or tell them to fuck off so i sit there avoiding eye contact and giggling cause i’m terrified of men’s anger

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Alex like breaks her arm or something and Lexa has a fucking stroke because that ambulance won't get there fast enough

Omg ikr like they don’t even need an ambulance but Lexa wants her baby helicoptered out

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Hi! I'm the anon that was confused about Yooran. THANKS FOR EXPLAINING IT TO ME I WAS LEGITIMATELY CONFUSED BECAUSE IT WAS SO ???? AT FIRST then you mentioned how they balance each other and shit and ahhhhhh it all makes sense thank uuuuu. (Also an even bigger thanks for the fic rec bc iTS SO PRECIOUS AGHHHHH I LOVE IT)

that’s okay, i’m glad i explained it well!!

and omg ikr like before discovering that fic, i had a list in my head of 2 or 3 fics (from other fandoms) which have left a huge impression on me, and this one has now joined that list. it’s one of the best i’ve ever read, i love it!!

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I relate to you so much on the Moana thing

oh boy,… Moana is so fucking amazing right?? I want to watch it again and again and again. But nobody want to go watch it again with me, and normally I would go alone but depression been keeping me at home for a week already so hopefully, once my friend from São Paulo come visit me we’ll go together again!! also spoilers on read more

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Should we also talk about that time when He Tian "invited" Guan Shan to his home. I mean, He Tian is hella popular, he has tons of girls willing to cook for him but who did he choose? Guan Shan, the guy who almost killed his best friend' s crush.

Omg anon! Ikr??

deadeye-whiskey replied to your post “(( I wanna do a medieval peasant McCree and Prince Hanzo rp so bad”

that sounds like a great au omg

(( ikr!? I just picture Hanzo going through town for the first time. The part where all the peasants are and the first one he passes is mccree who’s planting seeds and racking and McCree smiles at him and tips an invisible hat and he gets threatened by the knights and told to keep working and keep his eyes off Hanzo.

So hanzo comes back that very night after he sneaks out to find Jesse is still working late because this man was curious and oddly happy for peasant and he asks why he smiled at him and he’d just “Oh, well mah Prince ah just have good manners and hospitality ‘s all.” while hes like leaning on the rake and and hanzo would like ask why he’s so happy for peasant and he’d be all “ Someone’s gatta be tha one to put smiles on folks faces ‘roun here. “

And as Hanzo would grow to get use to him and like him (p.s that being his only friend), I can see Jesse finally making him laugh behind the knights backs and Hanzo would slip and bring him food and buys him a cowboy hat after learning he’d always wanted one. Finally once they were together they’d run away together and McCree ends up with a bounty on his head for “abducting” the Prince and kdjfhgskjgds