Thanks go to @lightningbug-lane for allowing me to use the portraits of the FE Fates mothers. I am finally able to create a family tree with them. Note that the portraits of the mothers are not official and are only the creations of lightningbug-lane. But don’t they look so cool and official??? Be sure to visit their blog for bigger images, backstories, and other cool art.






*crossed out = deceased by the time the events of Fates take place

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Got anything for Ikona/the Hoshido kids?


  • While Ryoma’s hero is his father, his comfort blanket is his mother and he could often be found with her if he wasn’t running around play fighting
  • Ikona was very good at reading stories and Ryoma would sit and listen so intently to every story (once, for a scary, she did the scream and he screamed louder, staring at her terrified, but when she asked if she should stop he told her she had to keep going- Sumeragi couldn’t stop laughing)
  • Ikona was very patient with Ryoma and all his rough housing but still held him to a high standard of being polite and kind to those around him
  • Ryoma was the oldest and noticed the eventual strife between his parents and made childish attempts to get them “back together”  


  • Hinoka was sure her mother was the prettiest woman in the world and tried to emulate her a lot in her looks and how she acted
  • One of her favorite things was to play or hold Ikona’s hair when she was being carried, often pulling out the ornaments Ikona wore and ruining her up do (later, Ryoma being a good big brother, would try to do Hinoka’s hair- he got pretty good before Hinoka started keeping it short)
  • Hinoka always danced when Ikona played, Sumeragi in free time dancing with her or Ryoma
  • To teach Hinoka how to write she and Ikona would write secret messages to each other and eventually came up with a secret (rudimentary) written language- which Hinoka still knows because she has kept all her mother’s notes


  • Takumi could either be found trying to follow his big brother (who had a hard time slowing down for the clumsy toddler) or with his mother- it was a known fact in the castle he was going to be a Mama’s boy
  • He always was hiding behind his mother’s skirts when there were strangers (sometimes just people he’d decided to not like that day, as toddlers do) and would pout glare at them with a fist twisted in the skirt (and he hated how some would coo after him about how cute it was)
  • Takumi was very upset when he was little that he didn’t have hair the color of his mothers (he pulled on Hinoka’s a lot because she got it) but Ikona had him grow it out and he wore some of her hair ornaments to appease him for it
  • Takumi did not take her death well and, with Hinoka, would be found in Ikona’s room wrapped up in her things the two of them having cried themselves to sleep


  • Ikona sang to Sakura as often as she could but her health quickly descended after giving birth to her
  • Once she was sick she had much less time with Sakura, everybody (including Ikona) not wanting the baby to catch anything
  • Ikona was always asking after Sakura and telling the others to take care of her in her stead (it bothered Takumi and Hinoka at first, neither understanding why)
  • Sakura, once she was older, could often be found staring at old portraits of Ikona

Got bored at lecture, so I somehow came up with design ideas for the Amachi siblings. Hisashi looks like an angry elf man sans the ears, and vague inspiration from Tomoe Gozen for Ikona. There’s also Hisashi’s wife in like two places, too.

I’m here for another hour and a half until class so… here’s some random thoughts and tidbits about the mamas

- Katerina owns an owl that she takes with her on military marches. She uses it to send letters back to the castle so she can hear about how Xander and Garon are doing.
- Ione actually knows Nyx. They aren’t friends by any means, but they used to exchange potion and hex ideas once in a while. They were competitors in the business, but Ione is fascinated by the idea of eternal youth. Nyx usually tells her to forget about it.
- Once in a while Theodora has Iago babysit Leo. Iago thinks the kid is freaky because he’s so cold and quiet and Leo thinks Iago is a dumb thug that his mother sweet talked into being her pawn.
- Theodora likes to write as a hobby, and loves writing poems most of all. She has bookshelves full of vastly different types of books she’s read or written, and Leo usually spends his free time reading from her bookshelves.

- Livilla has tried to make a love potion before to use in Garon’s drink. It ended up making him really sick instead.

- Livilla doesn’t have any hobbies because she’s usually busy with work, but she loves singing while working - as long as there’s no important nobles around.

- Katerina and Gunter may or may not have been in a relationship before while in the army together. ;)

- Ikona and Sumeragi eloped and tried to live in secret together as a couple. They were eventually found and Sumeragi was forced to go back to the castle, but he refused to go unless Ikona was with him. She was begrudgingly brought along as well, much to the couple’s relief.

- Ryoma was a little jealous when Ikona was pregnant with Hinoka, and it took quite a bit of reassuring from both his parents that he wasn’t being replaced.


Fire Emblem Fates Family Trees - Final Ver.

Well we finally have the English name for Ryuurei. The father of Azura was King Cadros of Valla. While he doesn’t have an official portrait, he’s said to share a resemblance with his grandson, Shigure. Katerina and Ikona also don’t have official portraits, hence the question marks. I did see some neat fanart of them though.

I suppose this will be the last time I can update this family tree. There’s not really anything else that can be added or changed, unless they ever give official portraits of the previous queens and Cadros. It’s been fun. Now time to move on to Pokemon Sun and Moon~

Previous versions of family trees

Ver. 1

Ver. 2 

Ver. 3

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Hey here's a challenge why not Ikona X Sumeragi and Mikoto X Sumeragi head canons.


  • Sumeragi and Ikona met during one of her father’s visits to the castle where she was volunteered to play for the court- Sumeragi was almost instantly interested in her (it was made apparent later that this was Sumeragi’s father testing the waters for a marriage match)
  • They were married quickly and, at the time, both of them were in puppy love and thus were happy
  • Their relationship was filled with great highs and horrible lows, their disagreements huge and hard to navigate for the both of them and tend to escalate (some never really solved and just build upon in the future)- but they were both good about keeping it out of the public (and their children’s) eyes
  • Nohr’s escalating aggressive tendencies (which Ikona and Sumeragi had different opinions on how to deal with) and Sumeragi distancing himself strained the relationship further and the highs (which were always tender and sweet- they always cared about each other just not like they used to) became fewer and fewer (he pulled away becaue of Mikoto and Ikona was hiding her sickness and neither of them wanted to fight anymore)


  • Sumeragi had made his way to the lake during one of his trips to avoid Ikona and get away from their troubles, which led him to finding the beautiful Mikoto there- they had spoken to each other then, sharing their troubles vaguely (it helped that she hadn’t recognized him) and talking light heartedly into the night and Sumeragi’s retainers found him
  • Sumeragi was excited to show Mikoto his country and, in their (few) travels there were numerous gifts for her and her child, both of whom came with so very little to their name and Sumeragi loved their smiles
  • Mikoto at first had little to do with the queenly duties considering the countries dislike for her compared to Ikona, but she was smart and held her cards close to chest, able to win many of them over and she was good at letting Sumeragi think it was his idea (their biggest argument was on whether he should take Corrin to Cheve with him and Ryoma)
  • They were more affectionate with each other than most couples, Mikoto’s foreign upbringing showing, but the sweet dynamic seemed to charm most of the population if not the old advisors in the castle

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Did Ikona ever think Sumeragi was cheating on her? Or that Sumeragi had other children, etc?

resounding Y E S on both accounts. Both with Mikoto.

When their marriage began cracking, Ikona started to become suspicious that Sumeragi had his eye on someone else, and that the reason why he came home to her so late was because of that person. He was actually just working hard with his position as king as the mounting tension with Nohr began taking a toll on his work.

But those were just passing suspicions and were frankly just paranoid on her part. But once Mikoto came in, all her suspicions suddenly had a face to attribute them to. She knew her husband was infatuated with this woman and with the fact that Mikoto never revealed who the father of her child was, what else was Ikona supposed to think? She was devastated to think that her husband had to have cheated on her for over a year for a child to be borne of this affair! Not only had he broken their bond of marriage, but he had actually sired another child! Of course, in reality he hadn’t cheated on her and never pursued Mikoto while married to his first wife, but it was very hard to deny how… bad it all looked.

In the process of remaking my icons, but queen Mikoto was one of the best influences in Takumi’s life. Takumi values his mother a lot, and all events including her death has made a huge impact on Takumi’s life and character. She was there to calm him down and give him validation, to give him confidence and make him feel deserving. Happy mother’s day to Mikoto.


Akane has no chill.

I feel that after Ikona and Sumeragi’s engagement, Akane would have a conversation like this with her friend’s future husband. It doesn’t matter if he’s a random soldier or the King of Hoshido, he will know that the Sisters of Flame have each other’s back. 

Young Sumeragi by @kynimdraws

Akane by me


Queen Ikona of Hoshido.

This oft forgotten first queen became royalty when a young, brash Sumeragi pursued her beauty despite her sickly being. Her significantly lower social standing caused her to change herself into what she thought was fitting of a queen. She became a mechanist to create Karakuri puppets to entertain guests, as she was too scared and physically weak to attend many occasions. Her anxiety caused her to be easily jealous of other women, out of fear of losing her husband and family. Her marriage was an unhappy one, so much so that her quiet passing after her sickness caught up with her became the dawn of queen Mikoto’s era of ruling.

Her melek zalimdir. Meryem’in ipiyle
bağlı geçen o 13 ay. ’13 aylı yıl’
ayırdı bizi nedenini bilmediğim
korkunç melekler. Melankolimin 19. haftasıydı
seni tanıdım. Bir şeyler değişiyormuş gibi
oldu birden. Sanki artık kader denen
o kudurmuş atın önünde sürüklenmiyordum.
Sonra korkunç bir dolu yağdı.
Ürkünç rüzgarlar esti. Güneydeki Haç Yıldızı
yerinden kıpırdadı. Melankolimin 19. haftasıydı.
Her melek görür bizden öncesini ve
bizden sonrasını. Bizim elimizde değildi.
13 aylı yıl ayırdı bizi.
Neden bitecek şeyler başlatılır ki sevgilim
neden Muhammedi bir gül birdenbire büyür
neden gözyaşı büyüklüğünde dolular dökülür?
Kara saten bir çarşafa
altın bir haç çiziyorum senin için.
Yokluğunu böyle ifade edebilirim ancak.
Gözlerimi büyük büyük açıyorum
meleklerin üflediği o cam parçacıkları
rüzgârına. Gelmiyorsun. Kara yağız atlar
geliyor soğuk odama. Düşen göktaşları
geliyor. Gözlerini karalarla bağlamış
melekler geliyor. Sen gelmiyorsun.
Nedeni yok işte. Yok hiçbir nedeni.
Kiliselerde ikona kızlar bizim için
dua ediyor. Dışarda korkunç bir
dolu yağıyor ipimizi sürükleyen
meleklerden daha da korkunç.
Bilmiyorum belki büyük bir günah
işledik. Ben keşiş giysilerime sarınıyorum.
13 ay böyle geçecek işte. Güneydeki
Haç Yıldızı bize kara kara gülümseyecek.
Dilimin dönmediği şarkılar söyleyeceğim ben.
Kimin ne için başlattığını
bilmediğim bir büyü 13 aylı yıl
boyunca akacak başucumda.
Ellerimi temizlemek isteyeceğim
geri dönmek belki de.
Geri dönemeyeceğim.
Altın haçlı o kara çarşafın
üzerinden 13 aylı yıl akacak.

O sole mio! O Sole Negre!
—  Lale Müldür