ikon la

I really don’t understand that: why are you people asking BTS or any other Korean artist to sing in English?

‘When are we gonna get and English song/album???’

Fucking never if they don’t want to. Stop being so annoying. If you really like their music right now why does in matter for you what language are they using? You have subtitles anyway and you are singing Korean words like crazy ANYWAY. Music is just music, it’s the best international language in the world so if you really enjoy an appreciate the hard work of an artist you will NEVER ask them to change something about their music.

Stop asking them that people come on.

“Na Na Na”/”La La La” Compilation - PART 001

During my song list cleaning let’s also check how many songs I listen to have in their lyrics the words “Na Na Na”, ”La La La” or something similar. See you on the way :)

1. V (뷔) and Jin (진) - Even If I Die, It’s You (죽어도 너야)

“(…) It’s gonna be you
na na na na na na (…)” 

2. iKON (아이콘) - Airplane

“(…) La li la di dada la li da (…)”

3. Vengaboys - Shalala Lala

“(…) My heart goes shalala lala
Shalala in the morning (…)”

4. Darren Criss and A Very Potter Musical Cast - The Dragon Song

“(…) All I can do
is sing this song for you
La la la la la
La la la la la (…)”

See you in part 002!

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Part 002 –>https://miliantyna.tumblr.com/post/167534398041/na-na-nala-la-la-compilation-part-002


Since recently having a “milestone” birthday I began thinking about my last “milestone” birthday. I had always wanted to visit Italy and managed to save enough money to go that year. Here are a few snaps from that trip. This was vacation and ten years ago, so I walked around with a Zeiss Ikon from the 50’s and 120 color neg film. I have to admit, I loved this little camera and looking at these images makes me want to head out with it again!