Kpop moments that have me dead asf

Mark hated haechan so much that he was finna leave the company

The whole bts American interview

Jimin and that Black man in the American interview (my man was in love)

Bambam yelling put ur motherfucking hands up

Lucas moaning and kun telling him to stop

N made thongs for starlights

Vixx lightstick is literally a vibrator

Mark getting drunk on that show

Ten mistaking butter for ice cream

Mark shaking a drink then jackson saying “wow ur good at that”

Daniel deadass ate a raw piece of bacon

Taehyung basically saying fuck y'all feelings I’m getting a mullet I do what I want

Yesung constantly cussing

Ikon bowling and them being childish asf

All these fucking idols doing the damn shoot dance

Mark running into a lightbulb

Taemin becoming that white mans whore

Btob talking about porn

I.M saying there’s a reason why we’re called monsta x (he made a dick joke on TV)

Block b taeil getting mad about always being the bottom in fanfictions

Jun basically said when guys r in the shower they jerking off

What’s the wildest thing u heard an idol say? Add to the list