Be the leaf! 

Older Jinora, Ikki, Meelo (who recently got his arrows), and Rohan 

Finale killed me so I drew the airbabies to make me feel better. u w u

I have a headcanon that Jinora anoints Ikki as a master, then Ikki does the same to Meelo, and when Rohan becomes a master, Meelo will do the same. 

Kai totally puts lotuses in Jinora’s hair too.

I know it’s not a huge, fantastic thing, but I really wanted to do something for this last book. 

I’ve watched Avatar the Last Airbender since the first episode came out; I was around 8-9 then. That’s almost a decade (won’t be until Feb. 2015). It’s literally the longest series I’ve stuck with besides Lilo and Stitch.

So in a way, while I’m applauding Brkye on a fantastic new Avatar series’s final season, I’m sad that this series will becoming to a final end. (Unless they want to do a Earth and Fire Avatar to do all four! It probably won’t happen.) 

So here’s my way of saying, thank you, for igniting my imagination during my childhood and have inspired me to want to become an animator and create a story that many can relate to. Without this wonderful show, I would be so lost in what I want to do today.

Let’s start with Meelo making a sad Korra happy, because that scene in the Book 3 finale destroyed all of us; let’s face it.