Yu-Gi-Oh Cafe, May 9th, Part 1!!! Part 2  | Part 3

Whew, now that I’ve finally got a bit of time to document my Japan Trip experiences, first off, day one Ikkebukuro Yu-Gi-Oh Cafe~!

Oh man, it was super neat and super lucky.  In order to attend the YGO cafe you need to either enter an online lottery (Japanese residents only) or line up in the morning before it opens and play a card drawing game.  If you win, you get a set of seats (1-3) during a time slot for that day.

Sadly, while @tachishini, @magicinflames, and I arrived early, the final spots were won before we got to the front of the line TTvTT YGO is majorly popular in Japan.  However, not to be deterred, tachi and magic lead me to the YGO floor of the arcade (that the cafe is in), full of UFO machines with YGO prizes, and they realized that the cafe sign said there was one time slot with a vacancy.  After talking with the staff, we learned there was ONE spot left for ONE person.  Thank you so much, tachi and magic TTvTT

Cue five hours later, non-Japanese-speaking Beaky is by herself in the YGO cafe on the first day of her trip @v@ Ahhh!  I was so nervous, but fortunately tachi and magic both coached me on what to do.

More details on the cafe and food, under cut~!

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Okay I just gotta say this about Izaya’s hatred for Shizuo (MASSIVE Spoilers)

I’m rewatching Durarara and I’m absolutely adoring Izaya’s character. He is such a god damn HYPOCRITE it’s actually poetic. 

He won’t shut up about how much he loves humanity. How loves how unpredictable, chaotic, and destructive they are. These things are also the things he hates most about Shizuo. He says he loves humanity’s destructive nature, but he hates how Shizuo destroys everything he wants to play with. He says he loves how humans are unpredictable, but he hates how Shizuo’s unpredictability interfere’s with his schemes. 

In reality, he doesn’t truly love humans. He hates so much about them, and he focuses all this hate onto Shizuo. This is highlighted perfectly in their final fight. Vorona comes to kill him in Shizuo’s place, so that Shizuo wouldn’t become a monster. Izaya had tried to make Shizuo be seen as a monster by proving him to be brutal, and here comes a girl who is twice as brutal and ruthless as he is. And what does Izaya say to her? He says she’s just a run of the mill human. His definition of a monster and his definition of a human are exactly the same.

Izaya’s whole story is one of him trying to be something more than he was. He pretends to be a chessmaster, but he is constantly thwarted by his own folly. He tries to be some being above humans who observes them, but he ignores everything that is incredibly human about himself. He pretends he is above the lives of normal people, but there is nothing he wants more than to simply have someone else in his life. He pretends to love everything about humans, but somewhere, deep in his heart, there are things about them he absolutely loathes.

When he comes to after his fight with Shizuo, he asks Kine to drive him out of Ikkebukuro. He says he doesn’t want to have a monster near his grave. But really, he’s probably just tired of all the crazy shit going on there. Its way too human for him over there. But hey, humans and monsters are essentially the same.