Eats ground project   ( Interesting Translation )

My body is in environment.

With this work, we thought about “eating”.

If we regard eating as taking environment in a body, our body can be said to be part of the big environment. I named the life among Plants-can be ate- and Earth-bring it up-“Eats ground project ”.
The Welsh onion grows naturally on ground like the flowering plant, the chicken lay an egg while freely strolling, and the person eat the fruit climbing up a tree.
These do resembles original relations that food and human before a system such as farming and the live stock farming is created.

In the scene including various things a function, a scal and more…. , These scenes grows up. My body will be made to “eat” them.

Architect: Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects Planning: TTA Inc. Structural Engineers: Structural Design firm Accurate Landscape: Atsuo Ota / ACID NATURE 0220 General Contractors: Hashizume Industrial Inc.   Design: 2009.12 - 2010.8 Construction: 2010.9 - 2011.4 Structure: Reinforced concrete Site area: 624.56 square meters Building area: 329.92 square meters Floor area: 554.23 square meters Use: Apartment Roof: Reinforced concrete Exterior: Reinforced concrete