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nothing can stop me from bringing this back hahahaha I GOT A JAR OF DIRK I GOT A JAR OF DIIIRK!!! Ok! now that i have that out of my system, i made my own version of a jar of dirk! it has a lot of ikimaru‘s dirk designs and a few canon ones, even ask-oppositestuck‘s dirk. I really hope you guys like it :)

D-9. Which Hogwarts house would your candy be in?/Em qual casa de Hogwarts sua docete estudaria?

Fato curioso: em inglês há uma frase para descrever os alunos de Lufa-Lufa que basicamente se traduz para “bons achadores/localizadores”. Ou seja, todas as docetes no fundo são Lufa-Lufa por serem capazes de achar os personagens em Sweet Amoris :’D

I commission @ikimaru for my fursona “Jesse” to become Bipper or I call him Jipper.

So please don’t repost, trace, or credit it as your own.
At least ask permission

Art by @ikimaru
Character is mine @jayjkay1