supermoschino  asked:

what does gaga mean in americano when she says 'I won't speak your Jesus Cristo'

Americano is Gaga’s lyrical way of protesting against the then-recently passed American laws that no longer gave certain types of American citizens equal rights. The “speak” in the “I don’t speak your"s has two meanings: "speak” meaning to communicate, or to preach, and “speak” as in understand, the way people don’t speak languages because they can’t understand them.

She was saying that she didn’t see the point of (or, “didn’t speak”) and that she was against (or, “wouldn’t speak”/ preach for) the then-current laws regarding immigration (“Americano”; the Spanish lyric implies conflict between Americans and immigrants from Mexico, and the recently-passed [at the time] law making all current immigrants illegal), and gay marriage (“Jesus Christo”; the main reason why most Americans are so against gay marriage is because of the church and religion).