ikil cenote


During my tour of the Yucatan peninsula, I learned that there are four Aluxes representing the four different types of cenotes - K’aak’, Ha’, Iik’ and Lu’um.  These are tiny humans made of clay and are able to protect their creator.  It is said that these mythological Mayan spirits are here to bring light and joy to the world.  

Alux Iik’ of the wind Cenote was the most fascinating to me.  He represents travel and with him you will be able to reach any place, anywhere, there are no limits and no borders.  Iik’ is unpredictable and always changing direction. 

Aside from learning about these tiny creatures… I was welcomed with warm arms (and a shot of delicious tequila) to the Mayan community.  I walked around and enjoyed the sight of bright jewelry and beautifully constructed pieces made of obsidian. 

Moments later we arrived to the Ikil Cenote.  Prior to the tour, I had seen many pictures and was simply amazed.  I can promise that no picture will ever do this natural phenomenon any justice.  It really was the most breathtaking sight I have ever witnessed.  With no hesitation, I jumped in and the water just felt so pure and well… magical.  Of course I wanted to swing from the roots like Tarzan… unfortunately there were security guards to prevent that from happening.

Last stop was to Chichen Itza, which in English means “mouth of the well”.  Again, I had seen pictures, but walking towards one of the seven wonders of the world was really a jaw-dropping moment for me.  With the help of a tour guide, I was able to learn a great deal of history about what occurred surrounding these stone structures.  

- Amanda